Introduction: LuckyCrook



I’m very excited to be working with everyone here. Like many of you I’ve been playing games since I was around 2 years of age. I’m a family man, Married with 2 children. I work at an Automotive Manufacturing plant building the worlds #1 selling cars. I’m very mechanically inclined and love to tinker with things. I also love putting desktop PCs together and modifications. As far as games are concerned I have a mean trigger finger and come from a comp. FPS background but have played every genre. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this group.

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Hey LuckyCrook. You sound like a good add to the org. I’m a father of girls, but still need to develop that mean trigger finger. I expect you already found the tech chat and forum. Hope to see you soon in the 'Verse!

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Thanks, My daughter just turned 1. I just need to setup my mumble and I’ll be ready to go.



Ha! Then you’re way ahead of the ball. :smiley:

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Welcome to ADI! Glad to have you with us. I feel seriously old now. My daughters are graduating college next month…:cry:



Ah Ghostknight thanks for welcoming me, I’m sure your very proud of them.



Welcome LuckyCrook, we could always use someone with your skills in Fleet Sec!

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Hey glad to be here.



Welcome LuckyCrook! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home. Hopefully we can get you OnBoarded soon so you can get settled in as a member and enjoy the Verse and have fun. What ships are you flying and area of gameplay that interests you the most?

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I appreciate the hospitality. I’m glad to be here. When I get some time I’ll hop in the server and we can start. I actually just bought a Cutlass Black that I’m excited to pilot. I’m currently interested in Transpot, Mining, and Ship to Ship combat. I also have a background in competitive FPS games so I’m also interested is Security/Defensive opportunities.



Hi LuckyCrook, welcome to ADI!
Congratulations on your new ship and to your daughter happy birthday.
Take your time we are later here as well, mostly waiting on 3.5 in PU but Mumble and Discord counts :slight_smile:
Have a good time, see you soon!

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Thank you. Hope to be a asset to the team. Hope to see everyone soon.



Hi LuckyCrook, Welcome to ADI. Hope to see you in the verse.

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Welcome to ADI LuckyCrook :slight_smile:

Nice to have you with us.

See you in the Verse!

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Welcome to ADI LuckyCrook! Be sure to get your marine cert. so you can keep that trigger finger in shape on ops.

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Howdy LuckyCrook.
You sound like you will fit right in with the marines here.
Sounds like you are gaming veteran, very good.
looking forward to flying with you in the verse, maybe you can watch my back and save my a** from some heavy situations, lol.

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Thank you, Ill be there for sure.



Glad to be here, thank you.



Cant wait to get some certs. I’m itching to use my new rifle.

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Ill have your back friend, count on that.