Introduction Lt1Dragon


Hello, The name is Lt1Dragon im new to Star Citizen But i have played elite dangerous for the better part of 7 months and i decided to move on to another game similar to it. I would usually play solo but i thought i would be nice to make some friends and even join an org.


Hey there Lt1Dragon, welcome to the org man. Glad you joined up. We have a lot of folks who play Elite Dangerous. If you are looking to learn, ADI is the place to do it. We have a lot of experience people and programs in place to help you be a the best you!


Welcome Lt1Dragon to ADI hope to fly with you soon see you in the verse!



Welcome to ADI Lt. Dragon, There are most certainly benefits to having friends and communicating with them in this game. We usually fly together and make money faster as well as keep an eye on eachother’s back.


Welcome to ADI, Lt1Dragon! Plenty of current and former elite dangerous players here, too. You are in the right place if you are looking for cooperative gameplay. Looking forward to seeing you around.


Welcome aboard Lt1Dragon! ADI is a fun org to be a part of. That op today looked intense!


Howdy Lt1Dragon, welcome aboard!
Friends you shall have here at this great org.
I have been playing solo my whole life until i joined this org.
Check out the Org Ops, you will learn a lot.
See you in the verse!


Welcome Lt1Dragon! Many of us have played Elite, what’s your favorite ship? And what ships do you own in Star Citizen?


Hey Lt welcome to ADI.


Welcome to ADI Lt1Dragon. I haven’t played ED so I can’t relate to your experience there but I know ADI is a great org that fully supports its players in SC. I look forward to running ops with you.


Welcome aboard to ADI Dragon! I thought about playing ED but never did, I thought the Starships were too cartoonish and you couldn’t do much outside the ship. What ship(s) do you plan to get and what do you want to do in ADI? See you soon in the Verse!


Welcome Lt1Dragon! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse. Hope to fly with you soon!


Welcome to SC & to ADI and we’re a team that encourages you to ask for backup or if you’ve questions be it here in the forums or in the discord and mumble servers :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard Lt1Dragon. Good to have you with us.


Hi Lt1Dragon, Welcome to ADI. Hope to see you in the verse.


Welcome Dragon to the Org, i see you in the verse