Introduction - LordCrypex

Hey there, I’m LordCrypex! I’ve been navigating the universe of Star Citizen since the beginning of this year. So far, I’ve been flying solo on missions and taking down bounties on my own. Now, I’m eager to dive into more group-oriented content and join in on some exciting events.

When I’m not in the Star Citizen universe, you can find me playing World of Warcraft or grinding in Old School RuneScape. Looking forward to teaming up and exploring the stars together!

Welcome to the fold LordCrypex!

Welcome welcome :smiley:

Welcome aboard LordCrypex! Glad to have you with us in the verse!

Welcome! I usually have OSRS on my 2nd monitor when playing haha Plenty of group content to be found here!

glad to have you LordCrypex! what is you favorite bounty hunting ship?

Welcome LordCrypex to ADI…The more the merrier…

Probably the Corsair :smiley:

nice! for me its the conni

Welcome to ADI. You will definitely find alot of group-oriented stuff to do.