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hello you all!! new guy here, i received this little invite in my email for ADI… thought it was some sort of scam… until it sounded cool. i just recently baught star citizen, im a pretty big fan of “The Expanse”, and Call of Duty: Infinity (campaign only!) not to mention really big into simulators, and open worlds/ life simulator. ive been a huge fan of arma, and milsim communities so when i saw this video of a game that looks like the expanse the other day which allowed sitting on chairs, eating of noodles, ect… i had to buy it and see what its about… soo ive been playing a bit and man… i have no sense of direction, no idea what im doing, how to properly control my ship and how to navigate… and so i figured why not give this ADI a try maybe they can get me into this game proper, and such, and have me eating noodles in no time!


You’ve come to the right place, Lippa! There is plenty of activity around Star Citizen just about every night. We also get into organized operations and these are a great time to learn how to play as part of a large group. Welcome to ADI!

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Welcome to ADI Lippa! It takes a little time to get your bearings, but once you do…you’ll realize there aren’t any! Except for in atmosphere, then the dirty side is down. I hope to see you in the verse, don’t be afraid to ask questions!


Heyo Lippa0050, welcome to ADI. We are definitely not a scam, though that is what a scammer would say… Glad to see someone who like ellipse and noodles as much as me…LOL. If you are looking to learn, ADI is a great org for you.

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welcome aboard Lippa0050, glad you are with us!
yeah, SC is daunting at first, but you will learn quickly.
if you need anything dont hesitate to ask, there are always people eager to assist.
You will want to check out the ops once we start them back up again, you will learn lots.
You will be stocked and eating noodles in no time.
see you in the verse!

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thanks guys! just got my onboard, cant wait to get things going and get in game with you all :slight_smile:


Welcome Lippa! Glad to have you with us. I’m a huge fan of the Expanse also. Great show,.

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Welcome to ADI Lippa glad to see you aboard see you in the verse!


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Welcome to ADI and Star Citizen Lippa! This is a great Org for vets and new players alike. Don’t be afraid to ask questions should you have them, plenty of helpful players here. Hope to see you out there with us!

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Welcome aboard to ADI Lippa! You have picked a great Organization! What Division do you plan to join? Of course, I can look it up but that would be impersonal … lol. What ships do you have and want? As for the Expanse, that is an awesome show and Star Citizen kind of reminds me of it, and vice versa. I am glad that Amazon Prime picked it up. That was one of the worse moves SciFy channel made! See you soon in the Verse!

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Welcome Lippa0050! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, was great talking with you during the OnBoarding, you will be a great addition to our FS Division. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask as we have many active and experienced members always willing to help. Looking forward to flying with you soon in the Verse.

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i would honestly like to dip my feet in it all kind of like a second life maybe if that makes sense lol, but im mainly interested in fleet security, marines, im a big scifi grunt fan, mobile infanty, colonial marines, ect. so i think i would fit best in the corps :wink: as for ship i only have the starter ship, right now im not the greatest at flying so ship buying isnt in the forefront of my mind, but i wouldn’t mind passengering/ crewing with other folks id suppose once i figure it out i could make a mean bowl of noodles for the crew in the mess hall :wink:


Lippa, welcome to ADI. A love of the Expanse and references to mobile infantry will put you in good stead around here, no doubt. This is the best place to both learn and enjoy SC- ADI is pushing the boundaries on what can be accomplished in game right now. Look forward to flying with you soon.

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Sounds like Star Citizen has you covered for the simulators and milsim aspects but you’re right about it taking abit to get into from a control scheme and direction. So we always encourage people to ask questions, or for backup, be it in navigation, missions, or just to guard against piratical individuals. So welcome aboard to both and hope to see ya round the Universe.

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Hello Lippa! Welcome to ADI! You have come to the right ORG to help you get up and running in SC! There are a lot members and leaders that can help, just reach out and ask. Be sure to check out the certs and training when everything is up and running! See you in game!

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Hi Lippa! Welcome aboard. I would like to echo what the other folks are saying as well. What ship(s) do you have? Do you have ideas about what you want to do in the game? Cheers! o7

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hey Scandalous ship wise i only have the Aurora Mr. in the game id like to kind of second life it, explore new worlds, blast hostile aliens to bits and just all in all imerse myself into the verse, i dont have much interest in piloting myself but id be happy as a crewmate or passenger. eventually id like to make my way into the marines for ADI.


Hi Lippa0050, Welcome to ADI. There is plenty to learn about the game if your just starting out, my best advice is just to jump into mumble and play :wink:. Hope to see you there.

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Greetings and welcome Lippa, glad to have you here aboard at ADI! Look forward to meeting you and flying soon with you here in the 'verse.

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Welcome aboard, also a fan of The Expanse, I was in the same boat with navigiating and look forward to seeing you in the verse.

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