Introduction LincolnSnodor


Hi. I am new here. I am a financial Youtuber. I am happy to be here. Please check me out by searching for David Lincoln on Youtube. Looking forward to meeting everyone.


Hello Lincoln! Welcome to the ADI family! Do you have an idea of what you want to do in ADI? From what I have seen, we have a very professional, elite group that streams for ADI. Ask around, you may find some common ground! See you in game!


Welcome aboard @LincolnSnodor,

Glad to see you took my invitation. I didn’t expect to see you in the introductions so quickly. Hopefully we run into each other in the verse again sometime soon.



Welcome to ADI, Lincoln!

Interesting topic for your channel, ive subbed & will take a look this evening :slight_smile: What was it that attracted you to ADI?


Welcome to the org, Lincoln! I peeked at your channel and I have to say that I will likely spend many hours gobbling up some of your videos. Always happy to have more talent in ADI. Again, welcome and I will see you around!


Welcome to ADI LincolnSnador :slight_smile:

CIG should have a lot of financial stuff to talk about now after the release of the finances. A little video for you.

Hop on Discord and Mumble and you will find a lot of people to talk to.

See you in the Verse!


Thanks bud.


Welcome to ADI Lincoln Snodor, when you said finicial YouTuber I thought you meant a person who does YouTube for finicial reasons… pretty cool tho. Hope to see you out in the verse soon.


Hello Lincoln and welcome to ADI,

Nice to see you have done a lot of videos and you have many followers. Feel free to ask us in discord or mumble when you have any questions about ADI or the game. I hope to see you soon online flying with us.

See you here and in the verse.


Welcome to ADI LincolnSnador. I’m also curious about what aspects of SC you’re primarily interested in. Let us know if you have any questions. See you in the 'Verse!


hey there welcome to the org nice to have another youtuber in our ranks the more publicity the better glad to have you :slight_smile:



Great to hear we have a financial guy on the team. I look forward to your interpretations of SC’s economy.


Welcome to ADI, LincolnSnador. I checked out your channel, and can say I’ll definately have to delve deeper into your library. Hope to see you in the 'Verse soon!


Hallo and welcome to ADI Snodor!


Welcome to the crew LincolnSnodor. I’m interested in what aspect of the game will draw you in.


Thanks guys. I have old SC videos on private I should turn them on… From 2016…


Welcome to ADI LincoInSnodor. I’m a survey scout with E & S. It’s great that you can bring such youtuber skills to the org. I’m sure you’ll find it handy. There’s lots of great people here. Feel free to jump into Mumble and ask a question. This is a great org and I’m glad you’ve chosen to join us. See you in the black.


Welcome aboard ADI LincolnSnodor, glad to have you here! If you get a chance drop by in the mumble public gaming channel, we almost always have something going on. Hope to see you soon here in the 'verse!


Hello LincolnSnodor, glad to have you with ADI =D, see you in the verse


Hey LincolnSnodor, welcome to ADI. I look forward to teaming up with you. I’ll check out your channel.