Introduction: KyberWolffe

Hello everyone. I started following Star Citizen’s progress back in 2016, but I only decided to buy the game in early 2020 late during 3.8, and I’ve been amazed with what’s possible in the game. I regret not buying in earlier. I started with a 300i. I play frequently so over time I’ve been able to get different ships through purchasing them in-game (what a coincidence that I started playing right before 3.9’s long term persistence). I’m excited to be apart of ADI. I’m particularly interested in cargo/trading activities. I like that while making money, I get to visit the various beautiful locations in the game, and there’s still occasional thrill of combat when I get attacked and I have to protect the cargo. I used to fly the loaner freelancer all the time, and the first ship I saved up for was a caterpillar. I’m used to flying solo or with friends, but now I want to be apart of an organization so I can participate in operations and multi-crew gameplay.

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Welcome to ADI KyberWolffe. I’m glad you want to join the team. I began life in SC with a Freelancer Package and drove it for 9 months before investing in my second ship. I hope you take the opportunity to try our Mining & Salvage during your time in ADI, it’s another great way to earn in the game.

Welcome, @KyberWolffe!

I bought the game around the same time! We have a lot of members who are interested in cargo/trading, so I think you will have a lot of fun!

As for multi-crew operations, just hop on Mumble and I am sure you will find some people to team up with! See you around!

Welcome to ADI KyberWolffe! Hope to see ya in the Verse sometime!

Great intro @KyberWolffe, welcome to ADI.

Welcome KyberWolffe like to SW reference!

welcome to ADI!

You picked a good time to hop in, @KyberWolffe - development is starting to pick up some momentum. Drop by the Public Gaming SC room in Mumble if you need an escort for your next trading run - would be glad to tag along or man a turret.