Introduction - KingKobra27

This is KingKobra27,

I’ve been eyeing this game for quite awhile and finally decided to go ahead and start playing (only been playing about a day so far) and am really enjoying it. Not quite sure what I’m exactly interested in doing yet, but have only done a few delivery missions so far. A little about me, I’ve been serving in the National Guard for about 13 years now as a scout and in the civilian world I do architectual design.


Welcome KingKobra to ADI. There are a lot of us here who currently serve or are veterans. You will fit in great here. if you need to help learning stuff give any of us a shout and will happily team up with you.

Welcome aboard! SC is a huge rabbit hole of things to do and see, feel free to jump into mumble Chatting where we always have something going on and are more than happy to help the new flyers!

Welcome to ADI!

Glad to have you onboard. Can’t wait to get you into some organized ops with the crew. See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI ! Nice to have you and im looking forward to seeing what you choose to specialize in !