Introduction - Khakkis


I’m Khakkis.

I am new to the is game, a friend told me to try it out and after 2 weeks of messing with my computer and freankenstiening a workable PC together I’ve been playing for about a week.

So far I am loving it. I have found a real passion in running cargo and “Space Trucking” as I have heard it called.

In real life I work at a Casino in Cleveland Ohio USA. As a pit boss, so games are my entire life.

I have a small baby daughter who is my world!

Would love to get better at commerce and trading!


@Khakkis a warm welcome to you. Was excited to do your pre onboarding and i very much hope to see you in the verse.

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Hello and Welcome. I see you like to go space truckin… what is your ship of choice?

Welcome to the Org and to the Game @Khakkis it was a pleasure speaking with you today for your onboarding, Since your primary interest is commerce and trade, What is your prefered ship for moving stuff at the moment. If you haven’t already you may also find these to be of use UEX Trade tools and SC Trade tools both can be handy for finding useful trade options and routes.

Right now the Constellation Tarus. But I really like the MSR even if it has a smaller cargo cap

I have been using SC Trade Tools. And mainly I have been flying a Constellation Tarus

Constellation’s are great but MSR definitely beats them in Agility not so much in shields though. I wish they would address some of the issues with the Constellation line, (elevator issues and general mobility)

Agree elevator can be a problem. Loving the feel of the MSR

I love my MSR… cant wait for a second entry point to get in !!!

Welcome to ADI

Khakkis, welcome to ADI! This game is a lot more fun with friends

Welcome to ADI Khakkis!
Cargo running is one of the most chill and my favorite thing to do on Star Citizen. Our transport division has all kind of tools to help you become a better “Space Trucker”. Feel free to add me and ill see you in the verse!

welcome to ADI
glad you are enjoying the game
looking forward to meeting you in the verse

Welcome khakkis. Glad to have you.

MSR is a good choice for cargo, but that is only 1/3rd of its gameplay. The other is data running, as in storing “digital cargo” on the server racks. Still waiting for that gameplay loop to happen doesn’t exist yet, but data can literally be anything and the value will vary greatly based on the info.

I’d imagine data on the server racks will use some sort of Standard Data Limit (similar to SCU, but for data) based on the size and number of server racks. Last is it’s shielded hidden cargo compartment for smuggling on the side. MSR may not hold the most SCU, but its a courier designed to move items/data quick has the speed to outrun most ships trying to intercept it.