Introduction Kata-Kiuchi13

Hi, I am a mature gamer who likes tactical game play. Prefer Security work.

Hey there! Welcome to ADI!

Thank You :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Welcome to ADI Kata-Kiuchi13. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to playing with you.

Greetings! Welcome to ADI, Kata-Kiuchi13! We have a lot of mature gamers in our ranks, so I’m sure you’ll fit in just fine. I look forward to requesting your security services in the future.


Welcome Kata-Kiuchi13!
Seems I’ve found someone to DM when I have a big cargo haul that needs protecting.

Welcome to ADI Kata. I guess you signed up for Fleet sec or PCS?

Welcome aboard Kata-Kiuchi.
Its always good time around here. We have plenty of marine and PvE based operations that sound right up your alley.
Hope to see you around and if you need anything, feel free to hit me up on discord.
Sum Dum Bum

welcome to ADI hope to fly with you and maybe create some khaos :wink:

Greetings Kata,

Welcome to ADI, so what kind of ships are you interested in?

Hello there Kata and welcome to ADI. We can always use good security personal. Looking forward to playing with you!

Hello and welcome! I can’t wait to fly with you! :grin:

Welcome to ADI, I am a combat guy myself and excited to see a game where dying should be a big deal.

Welcome to the org! You’ll find some great security opportunities with ADI!

Welcome to the org Kata-Kiuchi13!

Always need help with security, Grievers and pirates galore out there. If you need help with anything feel free to ask us on Mumbe chat and hope to catch you online.

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