Introduction Kanrath

Hey, Kanrath here. I’ve been involved in Star Citizen for a few years now and as the game has developed I started looking more seriously for an org and after some time ended up here. I’m very exploration focused and and look forward to heading into the beyond with the rest of you.

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Welcome to ADI, Kanrath. Always great to have long time backers join up. What’s your exploration hangar look like? Look forward to flying with you soon in the verse.

Welcome Kanrath, glad to have you in ADI! I’m sure our exploration division will be glad to have you! If you have any questions about the org, feel free to ask! See you around the verse!

Welcome Kanrath, can’t wait for exploration game play myself. It’s going to be an exciting adventure, glad to have you with us in ADI.

Good morning, Kanrath *stumbles in with a cup of coffee in his hand.

Welcome at Atlas Defense Industries. I wish you a fine time here and have a good time.

Hi and welcome to ADI Kanrath. Looking forward to fly with you in the verse.

Hi Kanrath, Glad to have you with us. Hope to see you flying in the verse.

Welcome Kanrath! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse. Hope to fly with you soon!

Hello and welcome to ADI! Let us know if you have any questions and see you in game soon!

Glad to have you on board man!
As an exploration junky what’s your ship of choice??

Right now I’m personally looking forward to taking my Carrack out of spacedock once they finish working on it, with my Terrapin for those days when I feel like having less ship to worry about exploding on me.

Welcome to ADI, Kanrath. A fellow Carrack pilot I see, nice, we can team up and coordinate for doubly-efficient scanning once we get our ships in 3.8! Can’t wait to get that beauty. You’re a longer backer than I am so I bet you’ve been waiting even longer lol, I plan to live in that thing (and in my Nautilus whenever that arrives, hopefully by mid-2020). Also, if you want long-range Escort for deep-space scans, I’ve got a Harbinger I can bring along, we’re always willing to help each other out in the 'Verse, so as an experienced player I think you’re going to really like our Org. See you out there!

Welcome Kanrath, Hope ADI is a great place for you, and see you in the verse o7

welcome to ADI Kanrath, good to have you with us. Can’t wait for the exploration to come into play , it’s going to be an exciting adventure indeed.

Wonder if the carrack will be able to fit the Terrapin

Ah good! Another for the Exploration & Survey department! We’ll likely be flying together in that case Kanrath and welcome to Atlas Defense Industries. So, Terrapin or Carrack perhaps?

Yea, I like the Carrack for those shots into the dark where you spend days rl wise heading out far beyond mapped space. The Terapin is more for dangerous jobs, like should I need to recon an asteroid field in hostile Org space, it’s perfect for being a fly on the wall. That and I just like how tanky the thing is.

As a side note, working on a play list for those crazy long trips into the beyond. Got to have music as your fly through a stellar anomaly, or past a black hole.

Welcome Kanrath! I cannot wait for them to add/improve the survey and exploration systems. Will be neat to find new worlds.

Need to dig out the old Eve Online Playlist

Kanrath welcome To ADI. Pleasure to have you here in the org. I too look forward to exploration and perhaps we can do so together. Thanks and look forward to seeing you out there!