Introduction Kamisguide

Hello, I’m Kamisguide I’m 31 years old from the usa. I am in the trades If you have a leak I can fix that. I am brand new to star citizen. I was interested in Star Citizen because of the new update and decided to give it a try. I’m having tons of fun flying the ships and talking to new people. I am wanting to meet new people and fly on the multi crew ships. I am excited to join ADI to get some help learning the ropes and learn the content loops and find my place.

I have one ship currently and it is a Avenger Titan. Thank you all for having me here.

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Welcome to Star Citizen and ADI Kamisguide. Glad to have ya. Many within ADI hang out in discord’s chatting channel or post in the LFG channel for groups they are looking to do for multicrew activities. Sitting and hanging out in Chatting members can assist you with any questions you may have or ask in Org_chat if you prefer as we have many knowledgeable members.

Welcome to ADI Kami!! I’ll be sure to run my plumbing ideas through you! Hope to see you in the verse!!

Welcome to ADI! Avenger remains tip top tier for starter ships, great choice!

Thank you!

Welcome to Star Citizen and ADI! Glad you’re here

Welcome in Kami! Glad you are joining ADI! Hope to see you in the verse!

Its a great time to join the game and an awesome time to join ADI! Hope to see you out there!

Welcome aboard, Kamisguide! You’ve picked a great org if you’re wanting to explore all things co-op play in SC. Lots going on currently with the new patch and plenty of opportunities to jump into some group sessions. Hope to see you out there soon!

Welcome to ADI Kamis! and wee you in the 'verse bud o7

welcome to ADI the new patch is definitely a great time to join the game and this is a great org to join if your looking for groups hope to see you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI and Star Citizen I hope youre enjoying it!