Introduction : Kahelran


Hello everyone !

It’s nice to see such an active community in Star Citizen ! You all seems quite cool and I can’t wait to help you wandering the stars !

If you want to know some things or two about me : IRL I’m a french actor (I swear it’s not the begining of a strange joke) but I have some irish routs so no worries, I speak english pretty well ! I do value RP and love to dive into my in-game character ! (but I promise I do not mix IRL and in-game, I know IRL is a lie and in-game is the only and holly truth… wait, is that it ? )

I’m mostly interested in the mining field of work but, as a former ARMA player, I would be glad to help you with dogfight, escort and transport !



Great to meet you! You definitely came to the right place. Star Citizen has become such a much better experience since I was welcomed in by ADI. The group is great, the organizations events are fun, and there are so many folks with knowledge about the game that most of your questions can be answered immediately and in a friendly way! Let us know if you need anything, welcome, and look forward to seeing you in the verse!



Welcome Kahelran! Glad to have you with us at ADI, you won’t regret making this org your home, we have a very active and experienced membership here that you can explore and have fun, make new friends. Looking forward to seeing you in the Verse!


Greetings Kahelran and welcome to ADI! You have a very interesting profession! I think you will find ADI a great place to meet people and have a awesome SC experience! The leadership is very dedicated and professional, as well! Looking forward to seeing you in the Verse!


Ah, a fellow thespian, glad to have you with us, I won’t hold your acting tendencies against ya. Welcome to ADI. You looking at Orion level mining or Prospector?


Welcome to ADI Kahelran! we are indeed very active, you can always expect to find a large amount of members online closer to night time and sometimes during the day, always good to have some more miners in the org, and i’m sure you’ll still have your fair share of combat knowing the kinds of people that are out in the verse, see you on mumble!


Hey Kahelran! Welcome to ADI. You couldn’t have picked a better group to join. Mining (in my opinion) is going to be a huge money maker. I primarially focus on escorting so let me know if you ever need or want a wingman while you’re busting rocks.


Welcome to ADI Kahelran. You’ll fit right in with your ARMA exp. I hope to see you in the verse soon.


Welcome to ADI Kahelran. I look forward to finding out more about French actors. There’s lots to do here so don’t be shy.


Greetings Kahelran,

I also like to get into character a bit. I mostly do it with D&D though. And I think your right about this IRL thing being the lie. I look forward to hanging out with you. If you need a wing man just hit me up.



Welcome to ADI Kahelran! We are happy that you found ADI suitable as your Star Citizen home and are interested in growing with us as we move from Alpha to Gold, to beyond. On a side note, we can now tell everyone we have someone famous in our ranks … LOL.

What ships do you have? I see that you are currently connected in Mumble, perhaps I will be flying with you tonight? Make sure to get the official ADI uniform and set up Mumble PRI if you want to join us for the 1 PM CST Blockade of Space Port Kareah this Saturday. That is of course, if you have not already … lol

See you soon in the verse!


Welcome to ADI Kahelran, and thanks for such a good intro post. As the others have said, ADI is a great place to explore whatever aspect of SC you are interested in; or to explore all aspects. Hope to see you in verse soon mon amie. Fly safe.


Welcome Kahelren! While I’m not much of a character RPer myself, I always enjoyed when others played in character with other games. I tend to pull more towards escort in SC so I look forward to keeping your mining ship(s) safe or protecting others along side you. See you out in the verse!


Welcome to ADI =D, i see you in the verse man


Hello Kahelran and welcome!

Are you France french, quebec french, Carbi-French?

I’m not sure about the RP part, but your Arma experience will fit nicely with us. I think you’ll enjoy it here!

See you in the 'verse


Welcome Kahelran,we are happy to have you and we will make sure we don’t let you down. If you have any questions, ask any of the staff. See you in the verse.


Glad to hear you’re eager to help out. Once the game goes live we’re all out there to help one another whatever the Division :slight_smile: Welcome to Atlas Kahelran


Welcome to ADI. Always great to see the enthusiasm. looking forward to meeting you and flying in the verse.


Greetings, Kahelran! Sounds like you’ll fit right in at Mining and Salvage. See you around the 'Verse!


I might prefer Orion (love big flagship with a lot of crewmember !)