Introduction: Joboki

Hi everyone!

My name is Joboki in game and Jed outside of game. I proudly work and live in Nevada, USA as a special education teacher. I’m currently working on PhD studies in Special Education. I mostly play story-rich RPGs and MOBAS like League.I’m keen on learning and enjoying the game with a committed community. :slight_smile:

Hi Joboki!

Glad to have you join us! It was great getting to know you on mumble today. That’s awesome you’re a teacher, my wife’s a high school teacher so I can relate to the stresses a bit. AND you’re a PhD student? We should talk about our doctoral work sometime :slight_smile:. I’m a huge fan of ARPGs, Diablo 2 was my favorite game of all time. All the best

Awesome to meet you, Jed! Huge respect to Special Education! Unsung heroes in my book. Good luck on your Ph.D. Hopefully we don’t distract you too much. Looking forward to meeting you in game!!!

Hey Joboki,
Welcome to ADI. I’m glad you’re here and it was great having the chance to get to know you last night. I’m also a fan of special ed teacher’s. My daughter happens to be one :smiley: too!

Hey Joboki,

Nice meeting you last night! My wife studies education and I’m beginning to understand the challenges and rewards of special education as well - thanks for working in your passion, you make a difference. Looking forward to talking with you more and seeing you in Star Citizen.


Hey Joboki,

There’s not much I can say that everyone else has not already said, but keep up the awesome work my man, your work takes a patience and understanding that not many have.

I am a fan of RPG’s myself too. Nothing like a good story to take you out of reality for a bit. I look forward to playing some SC with you and the org will do a great job of showing you around the verse…Welcome to our family!

Hi Joboki - Great to have you here! I was never worth a crap at League, if your skilled enough to do that well you’ll be great in SC!

Welcome Aboard Joboki!

Glad to have you with us! I appreciate the hard and underappreciated work you do in Special Education. Have many friends who have worked in programs through TFA and have heard some heartbreaking stories.

You came to a great organization! Looking forward to seeing you in the verse!



Story rich RPGs you say? Have you delved into the witcher series at all?

Also as a fellow public servant thank you for all you do.

Hi everyone! Thank you for the warm welcome (and supportive comments) :slight_smile:

Hi Joboki,

welcome to the org. If you have any questions or looking for a short flight in the verse, just hop on mumble and we see each other.



Welcome to ADI Joboki! Wow sounds like you have alot on your plate with PhD studies but hope to see you in the verse too. look forward to flying with you.