Introduction: Jazvec

Recently purchased the game and still learning the basics, but I am looking for a community to learn from and experience the game with.

Oh no worries, you can learn plenty from your new org-mates! Welcome to ADI!

Hello from the other SIIIDEEEEE, welcome to the org, if you need a bit khaos in your game, you know who to look for, glad to have ya

Hello Jazvec, this is a friendly group that doesn’t mind helping to learn. It’s a complex game with more features adding all the time. Welcome to ADI, feel free to ask any questions or seek help.

Welcome to ADI Jazvec! If you want to learn more about the game, I’d look into our Certification programs. DM me for more info

Welcome to ADI Jazvec. I’m glad you joined the team. Have fun these next few weeks, you’ll be up to speed in no time.

Hello Jazvec! Welcome to the team!. You’ve definitely picked the right org to do that with. We are all about helping each other out and having fun while doing it. See you in the verse!


Welcome to ADI Jazvec
There are plenty of people here who would be more than happy to show you the ropes and to hang out with, all you got to do is hop on mumble.
Hope to see you around and if you need anything, feel free to hit me up on discord.
Sum Dum Bum

Hey Jazvec, welcome to ADI!
Plenty people in ADI that will take you for a ride and let you get to know the basics of the game.
Just hop on Mumble or talk to people on Discord if you want to play with people or have any questions about anything.

Hi there @Jazvec and welcome to the org.

If you want to learn about the game, make sure you ask a lot of questions, either discord or mumble.

See you in the verse.

Welcome to the game and ADI! You’ve found a great place to learn from, if you ever want to fly with people, just check Mumble, or ask in the Discord Org chat.

Welcome to ADI, there are a lot of people here who’ll help you learn the game and teach you their techniques. See you around!

Welcome! This is a great place to learn and grow as a citizen of the verse. I look forward to flying with you! :grin:

Welcome Jazvec, You’ve picked a great place to start and learn. ADI has a great format, training ops, and great people who are pilots IRL. Best advice is to just get out there and do it. fly around, practice landing on rooftops in Area18 with the many pads, practice landing on surfaces of planets. Shoot things :slight_smile:. and of course. Join org ops so you can get introduced to us all and learn the real fun (sorta challenging) stuff.

Welcome to ADI. You came to the right place for learning! We got folks here from the begining of the game and everyone is helpful with learning the ropes. We have certification events to help with getting a lot of basics down! Again welcome!

Hey Jazvec! You’re apart of an org that prides itself on helping each other and having fun. There are multiple classes available to learn in depth gameplay and always people hanging out in the Verse on Mumble. See ya out there!

Hey Jazvec and welcome to ADI. As other probably mentioned, you picked the right place to learn and experience the game in a fun way. If you have any questions you can always send me message on Discord or approach me mumble of I’m online.

Welcome to the org Jazvec!

I hope you have a great experience with us. Looking forward to playing with you. Start out slow and take your time. If you need help with anything feel free to ask us on Mumbe chat and hope to catch you online.

Welcome to ADI, This is a great place to learn for sure, Always jump in to mumble the folks in there are some of the nicest people i have every met. Mumble can alsp be a great place to learn I have been playing for 3 years and been in ADI the hole time I still learn new stuff every week. Hope to see you soon.

Welcome Jazvec,

If you have any questions feel free to hop in mumble or post in the discord and we’ll help you out.