Introduction: JasonB42

Hey all. An Elite Dangerous Odyssey refugee here. Glad to see ship interiors done right!
EST Time Zone.

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Hello Jason, welcome to ADI, see ya in the Verse sometime!

Heh. Yeah, I haven’t bought Odyssey but have heard it’s in kind of a state thusfar. Hopefully they manage to patch it up and fix the lighting issues. Horizon was pretty fun, just got a bit burnt out on the faction grind. Welcome aboard, I think you’ll find a lot of folks in the same boat here - but thankfully we make our own fun at ADI. Ask @Glajjan to show you his battleship 890 variant. :3 :gun: :gun: :passenger_ship:

Welcome to ADI. You just joined an awesome community.

Hey there, Jason, and welcome to ADI. Glad to have you with us.

Welcome to ADI JasonB42. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to you participation in ADI’s division exercises, Mining & Salvage’s exercises.

Appreciate the warm welcome everyone!
Gone for the weekend, but should be back Sun/Mon night.

  • Jason B.
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Hi JasonB42, glad you got sorted, and looking forward to flying with you in the verse… Sharpe

Welcome to ADI @JasonB42, see you in Mumble.