Introduction - Jace31320

Hello I am jace, I’m 18 and have been playing games ever since I was a kid. I bought an Aurora Ms back in 2014 so I could play the arena commander. I play a lot of Arma, DCS, and other random games, and I’m always open to play new games with new people.

Hey Jace, welcome to ADI, sounds like you’d fit right into this bunch, and hopefully seeing you out in the 'verse or otherwise.

Welcome to ADI, Jace! It was great talking to you during your onboarding. You’ll find that we play lots of other stuff on top of Star Citizen. Looking forward to seeing you around.

Howdy Jace, and welcome to ADI. The Aurora is not a bad little ship. Great view from the flight deck. Be interesting to see how you do with it in AC. Looking forward to seeing you in the verse!

Welcome Jace,

Most nights we have groups playing SC and other games. I hope you’ll join us for some shenanigans. If you have any questions feel free to ask on mumble or Discord. I’m sure ill see you around!

Hey Jace, Welcome to ADI.

What do you think of your Aurora?

Welcome to ADI Jayce! hope you like it here

Welcome to ADI Jace

Welcome Jace to ADI, you pick a great time to join, cause were about to get a new planet pretty soon =D