Introduction - IMONSTER13

hello there!
Fairly new to SC but managed to find a top hat and monocle on my home planet inventory. crazy…
but im a huge fan of Sci-Fi and have spent far too many hours in ARMA as a transport and logistics pilot. i have been a a quest to find a good flight sim game when i stumbled upon SC and im completely hooked. (I may need an intervention)
im 29yo Barber in Colorado and if im not working im usually playing games.


Welcome to ADI!

Hey Monster Welcome! Hope to see you flying with us soon!

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Welcome aboard Monster! Hope to group up with you soon in 'verse! As you may be able to tell, I am a huge sci-fi fan as well.

I also may need an intervention.

Welcome to ADI IMONSTER13.

Welcome to ADI IMonster13!

Welcome to ADI IMONSTER13!