Introduction: Imkrazy

Hey guys I just started Star Citizen just the other day. I was really looking for a space sim to get into, I mostly played x3 terran conflict, a little of Eve not too much but it was just too much grinding and going from waypoint to waypoint for me. From the looks of it I think I’m going to be greatly enjoying Star Citizen and didn’t even know about Organizations until I got an invite but it does make sense. Playing with other fun people is a major step in enjoying the game to the fullest. And I can be a little crazy at times, (Nerd raging, trying out weird stuff, seeing what’s possible, etc.)hence the name, but not in a bad way, no worries!

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Welcome ImKrazy. It was good to chat with you this evening. Looking forward to flying/mining/whatever together in the 'verse.

@Imkrazy Welcome to ADI! we all get upset at times with these features ingame! dont worry! see ya in the 'verse

Hi Imkrazy, welcome to ADI. What ships are you enjoying ATM? See you in mumble.

Hey Imkrazy, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your stay in this diverse community! You’re absolutely correct, Star Citizen is much better when you have a group to play with. I’ve been doing things solo for a long time and find so much more enjoyment out of the game when playing with fellow ADI members since I joined.

See you in the verse

Hey Krazy, welcome to ADI. Joining an Org adds a whole new level of gameplay to SC.

It sounds like you’ll fit in fine @Imkrazy, we have something for everyone!

Welcome to ADI! A group to play with is so much better than on your own. And don’t worry about the crazy side of things, we are all a bit crazy :slight_smile: If you haven’t played it yet, a great game is ‘will it fit’. Pretty simple, and quite entertaining really. See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI Imkrazy. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running into you.

Welcome to ADI and Star Citizen @Imkrazy!

From what you have been playing I think you will enjoy it, the game is coming together and has a lot of great changes coming soon(ish).

Playing in an org with other players is a great. Check out the basic certs to get a grip on the game and org ops to play with others in a organised way.

See you in the verse!

Thanks for the welcome guys. I’m just flying starter ships atm but going for the constellation in lorville. I really like the design.