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Hey everyone, looking to joining a large group of players. I’m fairly new to SC so if there’s anyone willing to take a new player through the ropes that’d be greatly appreciated, I’m GMT+0. Can’t wait to fly with you all and inevitably crash into Port Olisar

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hey welcome aboard housecatmafia. i would be more than happy to take you on a tour of the system and help getting on your feet in star citizen. glad to have you here. you can ping me anytime, if im available, i will gladly hop in with you. what ship starter did you get?

Hey Gold, I chose the Avenger Stalker as my starter, but my missus treated me to a Crusader MSR as well cos I’d been harping on about calling it ‘The Century Eagle’

Welcome, HouseCat! Is there anything specific you like to do in-game, atm?

Just enjoying bounty hunting and building up aUEC at the moment aha

Lol. Bounty hunting is a very good way to do that. Essentially with how bad the AI is at the moment. You sometimes don’t even have to fight. Lol. You can just bait them into an asteroid.

Yeah, being enjoying the 890 jump missions as well

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Yeah, those are fun.

Hey House, Welcome to the org. Feel free to ask anyone for help on Mumble or the forums. Don’t be shy to ask to join us on Mumble for some adhoc grouping also.

If you want to try any ships let us know and most of us are willing to spawn one for you to try.

See you in the verse.

Welcome to ADI HouseCatMafia. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running into you.

Hi houseCat, welcome to ADI. I’m GMT too, there loads of players on similar timezone and pretty much everything is covered so if you pull an all nighter there’s still people about.
I’m in to FPS. My history of crashing suggests that’s it’s best to leave flying to someone else.

Thanks all for the warm welcome, look forward to flying with you all

Hey there, HouseCatMafia! Welcome to the Team. There are lots of people here who can help you out in the game. Feel free to ping me anytime. I look forward to seeing you in the 'Verse!

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