Introduction: Hemidall

Hello all! Really Excited to get into game. Brand new, just started playing yesterday so please any tips or help if you see me floating in deep space, lol! I’ve been gaming since the early 00’s, played EVE, of course, and nearly every space game and such so I think I’m well-suited for this game and can’t wait to see how it progresses. I’m mostly interested in exploration from what I’ve seen of the game and concepts so far, picked up a few ships accordingly, I’m hoping you all can help me put them to good use. Fly Safe!

Welcome @Hemidall!

We got several players that are new and you can always come to me with questions or ask for help if you see me in channel. Looking forward to seeing you in the 'verse.


Hi Hemidall, welcome to ADI!

Hi Hemidall. Welcome to ADI! I’m not actively playing currently, but should you have any questions about the game please feel free to contact me here in forums or through RSI website and I’ll help you out.

Hi Hemidall, there are plenty of people willing to help so there is no problem on that front. Hope you enjoy SC and the org.

Hi, and welcome to ADI! We have an amazing community here that is extremely helpful for new pilots in SC, so if you have any questions then dont hesitate to ask. See ya in the Verse!

Thanks all!

Hello Hemidall and welcome to ADI! We have many kind and experienced Star Citizen players here that would be more than willing to show you the good times possible in Star Citizen. Hoping in mumble to do some random play in the Verse with our members there can be a very valuable resource of knowledge and good moments. Hope to see you in the Verse! (Hopefully not stranded in space though)

Welcome to ADI!!
Nice having you on the team =) Also fun having you in our group earlier this evening!

BTW you have a nice starter fleet =)

thanks Flaxx! I can’t thank you guys enough for the help in my first few flights in game.

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Hi @Hemidall,

Welcome to ADI. It was great having you in the group yesterday and hearing you take your first step of becoming a Pilot in the verse. Feel free to hit me up with any questions you might have and if you need any help :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI Hemidall. I’m glad you joined the team. I’ll see you in ops.

Welcome Hemidall, I am glad you chose to be apart of ADI. Privateer was one of my first games along with games like C&C, Arena, and Daggerfall. I too love space games as I spent many years playing Freelancers and Eve Online. If you find anything out there worth shooting at while you are exploring you let me know. (when exploration is a thing of course)… o7

Welcome to ADI @Hemidall i look forward to playing with you

Welcome to ADI fellow explorer! There is currently not much exploration mechanic in game, however just flying around and seeing the sights can take up a huge amount of time. There are some cool little places to find that can’t be jumped to so it takes some effort to find them, and feels great when you get to them. If you haven’t heard of them yet, I would say go try and find Bennyhenge, or the Javelin wreck. If you ever want a hand finding them I would be happy to help. See you in the verse!

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Greetings Hemidall, Welcome to ADI. I’m also an EVE veteran. You’ve picked a great org to get the most from your time online. See you in the verse.

Hail! Thanks, you too!

Hi. Welcome to the group. I think you will have fun here.

Not sure how I’m not on this thread yet, but welcome to ADI. It’s been fun flying and chatting with you these past couple of nights! Definitely looking forward to more of it!

Definitely candi, it’s been a lot of fun! I’ll keep hauling if you’re watching my 6.

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