Introduction Headhunter626


New to SC, observed from afar for awhile finally decided to jump ship! So far so good, looking forward to some space fun with ADI!


Welcome to ADI, Headhunter! good to have you aboard. What attracted you to the Corp?

Look forward to catching up with you in game.


Welcome to ADI Headhunter626 :slight_smile:

Sounds awesome.
Hop on Mumble and Discord to get to know people and find some to fly with.

See you in the Verse!


Welcome, Headhunter! It’s an excellent time to start getting into the game. We are seeing some awesome improvements and there is plenty to do in game already. We generate a fair amount of activity as an org and you’ll find that there is just about always something going on. Once we get you onboarded, you’ll have access to lots of fun stuff. Again, welcome to ADI!


Welcome to ADI Headhunter, Whatca Flying?


Hello HeadHunter,

Nice you join our org. Welcome to ADI.

The actual state of the game offers us now many opportunities to be more active. Join us in discord and mumble and fly with us through the verse.

See you around here and there


Hello Headhunter and welcome to ADI! You have found the right organization for a good time in SC! ADI is very active and there are a lot of members that will be glad to help you. I hope to see you in game very soon!


Welcome to ADI Headhunter. I’m curious if your name indicates you’re interested in the bounty hunter profession. Good to have you onboard.


Your powers of perception are impressive, young Dividion… There is hope for you yet young padawan…


Nice Headhunter626. We are glad to have you abroad and can’t wait to see you in the verse rounding up people.


welcome to SC and to the org headhunter. if you have any questions about the org or the game it self feel free to shoot me a emssage on discord or hop into our mumble server theres always someone around who can answer your questions :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome Headhunter,

What are your interests in SC? What type of activities or ships are you planning in getting involved


Welcome aboard, Headhunter! Maybe we can team up for some bounties in the future?


Fun in the depths of space is definitely something you’ll find here Headhunter, welcome to Atlas Defense Industries! :slight_smile:


Welcome Headhunter626, glad you are part of the crew. Seems you will fit in well with us rebels. You a solo bounty hunter or like groups.


I gotta figure out this game first! :joy:


Welcome to ADI Headhunter, I’m survey scout with E&S. There’s lots to do here and many helpful people on staff to help you where ever you need it. Jump on Mumble and speak up. That’s one thing about this org there is a real sharing/mentoring mentality here that you’ll appreciate as your tenure matures. I’m glad you’re on board and look forward to running ops with you soon.


Welcome aboard Headhunter626, glad to have you here at ADI! Looking forward to seeing you soon here in the 'verse!


Welcome Headhunter626, glad to have you with us =D, see you in the verse buddy


Hey Headhunter, welcome to the org. I hope to see you online soon.