introduction Hawklord

hello star-people
i am from belgium . my biggest interest within the game and this org ,are exploring and maybe some big battles with a team.
capital support or marines , but this game is so big that i do not really know what i wil like to do most
as everything in the game is just so amazing full of details and things to do .
and this org seems serious to me ,i like the stance against pirates , so i hope we will have some nice teamplay in the future
i own a Freelancer now ,but will problably upgrade to a constellation Andromeda or Aquilla (not decided yet)
the Carrack is on my wish list for things to buy ingame ,that seems an awesome ship ,equipped with a fighter and rover
must be epic to explore with a ship like that ,especialy with a team who have each others back.

will there be a headquarters of ADI on a planet or in space ,after the game comes out?
with a bar or something where members can meet.


Hello hawklord. Welcome to ADI.

Sounds like you’ve got some good plans for Star Citizen. Exploration and large scale operations are both great activities to look forward to. Also the Freelancer is a great starter ship. I’ve got a MAX variant ready to go when it is flight ready. Even if you do upgrade to a Connie or Carrack, I bet that most citizens will want something Freelancer sized for earning money solo or with a very small team.

To answer your last question, I believe ADI has plans for org controlled physical locations in the PU, but as the game is still so early in development I don’t think those plans have been finalized and/or publicly released.

Welcome to the org mate.

I have a Freelancer MIS still in the hanger ready state :frowning: Missle boating/dogfighting is the life for me…

That freelancer will be your bread and butter mate if you want to explore in a small team, gather and sell data etc.

Find anything interesting out in the verse and need help securing it, we’ll be the first to back you up!

See you around.

Hi Hawklord,

Welcome to ADI. Greetings from the US. We have many players internationally, and it’s great to have someone from Belgium joining us. I look forward to seeing you around and getting to know you more. I hope you find yourself at home here. Let us know if we can help in any way.

the prospect to be able to build bases on planets is awesome , but it will require a dedicated team to operate (mining,defence and more)
i think it might be interresting if we can do it with the ADI org that would be great , but some planning would be needed .
first where does the money come from to buy land and build on it . membershipsfee in gamecredits perhaps?
second how to build a city with a lot of people adding to it without turning it into a maze,
maybe a board that manages the city ? or a mayor ,it remains to be seen how the game-mechanics work
but we could exchange thoughts and ideas about that before the game comes out.(just thinking out loud)
so we might have sort of a plan. an ADI headquarters would be nice ,maybe later on we can conquer a whole planet (ADI homeworld)

check here about base building

Greetings Hawklord and welcome to ADI,

The fact that their will be so much to do in Star Citizen is what also makes it a dream game for me. Sounds like you are very interested in Exploration as I am as. Carrack is on my wishlist as well haha. Can’t wait for 3.0 to come out so I can sink my teeth into some new and exciting features. Thank you again for joining ADI and have a wonderful day.

Welcome Hawklord,
Bar…I like your thinking! Freelancer, ahhhhhh, I love the feel of those Tarantula’s. I’m waiting on the MIS variant to be flight rdy and I’ll be picking one up myself.
Exploration is always on the top 3 professions list, it will be exciting to see how all the expected and unknown details will tie into this big 'verse we’re apart of. Hope to cya in-game soon. All the best to ya, Welcome to the team!