Introduction-Goju (Gojuster)

Greetings all. My nick is Goju ( sometimes its Gojuster, (pronounced Go jew ster) Its a Karate thing ). My real name is Chris and I have been involved with SC since about 2017 so I am pretty familiar with the game. I am also an avid lover of a lot of different genres of games (FPS, MMO’s, RTS, etc…). I do have a rather busy life (as an IT admin and a martial arts instructor that owns a school and father of 2 daughters… uggh… ) but in the time that I do have that I can game… I would love to have some fun with you guys. I signed up in the mining and salvage division but im pretty accomplished in all of the loops so far. o7!


Welcome to ADI!

I am a software engineering student currently at FGCU in florida, and a beginner of jiu jitsu, sounds like we may need to have a talk! (no kids … yet)

happy to have you in the org, see you in the verse!


welcome aboard… grab a lifejacket and plunge right in…

Lol… give it time (for the kids) … I teach Shorin Ryu Kempo… A very traditional art… but we have also incorporated Judo, a little Ninjitsu, Kickboxing, Akido, Boxing, etc… as well as Ancient Weapons. BJJ is a good art… definitely gets your blood flowing. Good luck… Youll like it… its fun too.


Glad you made it back in sorry for our delays earlier but saw you made it through. hope to see you in the verse!

I’ve been to Florida once it was hot. And muggy. Like an elephant sat on my chest. Either way welcome aboard.

Welcome to ADI. See you in Mumble