Introduction - FuriousPrime

Hello! I have been following Star Citizen since 2013. I have a fleet of 4 active LTI ships and more in CCUs waiting for the first step of the chain to be bought from buybacks. I am mainly a fighter pilot but I also do some low altitude flying. I have a little YouTube channel with a few videos. LINK:
I’m appreciative of the opportunity to join Atlas. It would seem that this organization belong to the greats.

Regards. Christopher aka FuriousPrime.


Welcome aboard! Hope to see you in Mumble soon! I love low altitude flying so much. I did some the other day with a group in Mumble where I jumped in my Gladius and scouted ahead of the group for mining rocks. Slammed the throttle and spammed the scanner ping, screaming across the surface of Daymar.

Cool name, welcome to ADI!

Welcome FuriousPrime, thanks for sharing the link, took a look and gave you a sub - keep it coming.

Yeah that sounds like fun!

Hey thanks!

Thank You very much!