Introduction Flyingten

Hey everyone! Stoked to join you guys, just bought the game today as 3.23 dropped and it’s been on the watch list for a long time. Looking forward to hanging out with you guys!

Hey Flyingten! Welcome to ADI! Were so happy you chose to join our Org! Looking forward to hanging out with you as well. See you in the verse!

Welcome in @Flyingten! Welcome to Star Citizen! Glad you’re joining ADI. This is an awesome org and there’s lots of people who can help you get going. If you have any questions, please ask in chat and before you know it, there’ll probably be several people who have an answer! Hope to see you in the verse!

Welcome aboard, Flyington, and it was good to meet you! Keep hopping into Discord, there’s always some kind of group play to jump into. And don’t forget to check out the events calendar when you get a chance. The training sessions are a great way to learn ADI tactics and are pretty fun to boot.

Welcome to ADI FlyingTen! CYA round the Verse Bro!

Hi FlyingTen and welcome to ADI!!

Man sometimes I wish I was new at Star Citizen so I could experience it as it is now, for the first time. Lucky! Welcome to the Org, see you out in the verse, friend.

Welcome Flyingten; and thanks for joining us for CPT!

Welcome Flyingten, Glad to have you aboard ADI. What areas of the game are you most interested in experiencing? I personally felt the hunting was quite fascinating but those Kopion are elusive.