Introduction - FelixMyst

Hello all,

My name is FelixMyst and I am 33yrs old. been playing video games for as long as I can remember, my first was TMNT on the NES.

I have been playing Star Citizen for about 2-3 weeks now. I came over from elite dangerous which i played off and on for about a year.


Woot Welcome aboard!!!

Welcome to ADI FelixMyst. Feel free to come and join us anytime on mumble for help and advice on learning the ropes.

Welcome to ADI FelixMyst.

Welcome to ADI! This might be the game for you as there’s a race in StarCitizen that look a little like TMNT :rofl:

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Another ED player! Nice! I’ve played ED on and off for a long time. Ships and visuals here are stunning, but I just say have patience and don’t rush things in Star Citizen and you’ll have a blast. Cheers!

Welcome to ADI! Star citizen is a beautiful game and i hope you enjoy it !

Welcome aboard! There’s so many things to appreciate in SC but its always best in a group and ADI always has something going om.

Welcome to ADI - If you’re interested in Bounty Hunter missions come check out Private Contract Services.

/ Crue (PCS Division Director)