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Relatively new to Star Citizen, been playing about a month now. Looking for a good group of people to play with. Currently in medical school, so my availability to play can vary depending on my schedule. Look forward to meeting and playing with people within the org.


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Hi JonUtah,
Does this mean that you’ll have a Cutty Red or and Apollo?
Welcome to ADI. You’re in the right place.

Welcome to ADI! I hope you’re ready to stitch up some of our more reckless members! :stuck_out_tongue: See you around!

I do have the Apollo (currently Cutty Red) for when that gameplay loop comes into play. Thanks for the welcome, looking forward to working with the org.

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Welcome to the Org. As a new guy I can say you have made the right call joining this team.

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Hey @Zjohan,

Welcome to ADI! I have the Medivac for when it comes out also. Looking forward to when that gameplay comes out. Hopefully see you in game.

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Welcome @Zjohan

You have joined the right org. The Mumble chat is a great place with plenty helpful people. Hope to travel with you in the 'verse.

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Hello Zack. Looking forward to flying with you. We of course will all be waiting for you to say “Dammit Jim, I am doctor…!” :slight_smile:

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Welcome to ADI Zjohan. I’m glad you joined the team. It’s cool you being in med school. We’ve got a number of members in the medical field, nurses and even a field medic. I hope you find time to play with us, sincerely. We’ll be here though, to welcome you back every time you do.

Welcome to ADI!
I hope that you will enjoy playing with us. I hope to see you in the verse soon =)

Wellcome to the clan!! See you in the verse!!

Welcome to ADI. Glad you joined us, and I look forward to meeting you on Mumble.

Nice to meet you Zjohan, and welcome! I myself am also new to Star Citizen, and i’ve learned a LOT from ADI. Looking forward to flying with you!

Welcome @Zjohan! Are you looking to be a medic in game? Check out the cutlass red of so, it’s currently flyable in game. Also coming in the future the Apollo with 2 variants. Hop on mumble and ask about them, we have lots of experienced players to help you get up to speed. See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI! Play when you are able, and don’t sacrifice your schooling to do it. One of our founding principles is Real Life First, so there is no worries if you need to take you time. Hope you are enjoying yourself so far, and if you have any questions, we are a friendly bunch and more than happy to help :slight_smile: See you in the verse!

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Whoa! Johnny Utah! Welcome to SC and ADI. Congratulations on med school, I know it must be challenging to make time to play. I hope to see you in game!

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That’s great to hear, one of the things that drew me to this group was you guys seemed to be pretty understanding about real life priorities. It’s not all work though, and I’m definitely able find the time to play.

I’m definitely planning on doing medic game play once that’s a bit more realized. I’ve got an Apollo Medivac (currently Cutlass Red) for that.

Welcome back to Star Citizen and welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Zjohan! If you’re looking for good people you’ve certainly come to the right place and as always we tell new arrivals to speak up if they’ve got questions or need a hand in Universe. Usual suspects being here on the forums, discord, or on the mumble. Also love the Point Break reference!

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