Introduction: FatHeadedZebra

Hi Everyone,
I’ve just sent a message to org in order to apply. I’ll DL Mumbles tonight and set it up.
I’ve been playing games for many years and they’ve mostly been RTS. However, I’ve also played Arma and R6S. I’m terrible at flying but I’m learning quick. I’m interested in logistics / support roles but love the idea of the FPS elements which will soon be implemented.
I’m UK based so looking for other GMT zone players. Myslef and Mrs are key workers and parents so this game is my treat and space out (see what I did there??). I own a Cutlass black and a motorbike thing (might be called a Dragonfly). Forgot - I’ve a lot of experience using radio procedures although I’ll have to get used to mumbles.
All the best,

890 jump missions are my maion source of income, fps mission. Hit me up anytime for some shootey fun. Welcome aborad

Ah, that sounds good. I read about that yesterday. It looks epic. The exact sort of reason I’ve gotten in to the game. I’m sitting in mumbles atm but I’ve not been met. Do you know anyone that can verify me?

I dont see you in mumble. Let me get some help

Hey, I’m out. I left. I’ll be back in tonight.
Life got in the way. Son almost caught fire in BBQ

Life first, always. Ill be on all day if you need help

Look forward to seeing you on mumble! I am very much in love with the pew pews!
Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to ADI! Love the name, though I feel like I would be insulting you every time I say it :smiley: Cutlass is a great all arounder ship, you will enjoy it. See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI! the bunker busters, 890 jump, and some of our org ops are great fps combat missions that you should check out. See you in the verse!

Hello There! Welcome to ADI. I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun with us. Why don’t you get set up on Mumble so we can start doing missions together? If you have any questions let us know! See you in the verse

Hi Zebra and welcome to ADI! Digging those high quality Dad jokes-keep em coming! There’s a great mixture of players in different time-zones so you’ll have no issues finding people to play with! See you out there.

Welcome to ADI Fathead! We have members all over the world, and members who don’t know what sleep is. ADI is a great place to unwind and have some space fun. See you in the verse.

Hello Zebra and welcome! Don’t worry about the flying as you said it something you pick up the more you practice and if you can fly in Arma then you’ll do just fine with some time to hone your skills plus the tactical side of things it and RB6 impart will be great for the FPS side of things. Congratulations on the Cutlass as its one of the best ships in the game too!

Welcome to ADI FatHeadedZebra. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to seeing you in game.

Welcome to ADI, Fatheadedzebra. Cutlass Black is a nice ship, very flexible and adaptable. Look forward to gaming with you. I’m west coast USA myself (GMT -7 ) so may not see you very often :slight_smile:

Welcome to the adi zebra, stay safe stay classy.

Welcome aboard FatHeadedZebra. Look forward to flying with you soon. Check out multicrew opportunities, box flying, and marine cert programs. Doing things with others is always more fun.

Welcome to ADI Zebra! Flying was hard until I figured out to reduce the DPI on my mouse, now it’s super easy. :slight_smile:

Hi Zebra,
Glad you are here, I am usually on late in the US so maybe we will be able to fly together as it might be morning where you are sometimes. See you in the verse.

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