Introduction: Ethos117

Hello All,
I was previously inactive when it comes to Star Citizen, however with update 3.0 I’m looking to get really involved and absorbed into ADI and Star Citizen within the coming months and years! I have mil-sim background in ArmA 3, playing in different specialties, which I think will definitely help me in Star Citizen and from what I have heard many of you have too. I’m glad to be apart of ADI and apart of its future in the verse.

Thanks for submitting your intro! Welcome to ADI.

Great to have you Ethos! Are you playing much leading up to 3.0 What other games are you currently playing? Maybe we could meet up in game!

Hi Ethos117,

Welcome to ADI. Glad to have you with us!

Welcome Ethos!

We’re all pretty excited about 3.0, seems to be just out of our grasp but still within our reach. Glad to have someone with experienced sim background as well - you’ll fit right in!


I am chomping at the bit to play some 3.0. Good to see it’s drawing some people back to the verse too! If you have been playing any leading up to 3.0 and I am online, make sure to catch me and we can fly some ICC. Nothing like a little target practice :angry:

See you soon!

Ethos - As an Arma guy I think you’ll fit right in here. Welcome aboard!

Were glad to have you as well Ethos!

Looking forward to seeing you out there once 3.0 hits!


Welcome to ADI! Lets use some of those ARMA tactics during some fights lol. Any idea what your focus will be in the game?