Introduction: Ersoto

Hello everyone,
I’m frequent player/gamer from Czechia (UTC+1) and one of the things i enjoy the most is cooperating with others (like on the same ship, squad etc.). I have previous experience with organizing, orientation and learning from games like Guns of Icarus online (Gents), Eve Online (Mining,Spreadsheeting,Organizing) and many other games that are also FPS&Grinding like Warframe so i’m kinda versitile person.

IRL student of electrical engineering (Applied Electronics).

Welcome aboard, Ersoto! This group is highly organized and gets a lot done and has a good time doing it. Look forward to seeing you around.

What ship or ships have you picked up so far? Do you have a favorite?

Hello there,
so far (playing for the first week) i tried to stay basic with Mustang Alpha and fully kitted it out military grade 1 components (before update took it away) to practice dogfighting and now i moved up a hull and fly With MISC Freelancer which i’m trying to upgrade/figure out. The ship i’m looking forward to trying is F7C-M Super Hornet and then basically any gunship with full team on it hehe.

Trading is risky at the moment because cargo disappears if the server crashes, so I’ve been sticking to mining for credit generation. The freelancer can be quite capable once upgraded. The Freelancer MIS is somewhat of a sleeper gunship, I fly mine quite a bit. Might want to check that version out if they offer it directly or as a CCU.

Well i did try some trading since the Freelancer has some nice tenfold upgrade of cargo then Mustang, but sadly lost 2/10 trading runs because of the bugs. Tried it today and so far did 4 trades and every one of them was successful, so there’s that going for me. I don’t have the ship for mining or from what my guide told me for trading aswell hehe (there should be way better freighters), so i stick with the bounties/mercenary now trying to make living. Also since the game is not as bugged as in previous patch and me trying all the basic stuff (even hand mining in prison, which i learned after my head exploded due to rock overheating) I decided to join some organization and so here I am.

Howdy Ersoto, welcome to ADI! If you want to try out mining let me know, I have a Prospector you can borrow or we can head out in the Mole together.

Hello there Dumma,
that sounds amazing, thank you for this proposition will most probably try something tomorrow if you’d have the time.

Welcome to ADI Ersoto! Have you popped by the convention center yet or see any of the fleet flights at some of the stations?

Welcome! It’s great here

Welcome to ADI Ersoto! It was really nice speaking with you during the on-boarding. I am sure we will have a great time in the 'verse!

Hello Ersoto, Welcome to the group, Glad you are here. This game is a lot of fun, there are a lot of things to do. See you in the verse.

Welcome Ersotos. Look forward to flying with you soon

Hello and thank you for the welcome. Yes i did go to the convention center as well as to see the nice fireworks with the military Javelin. Must say, they had some epic music accompanying their departure hehe.

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Hello there and thank you for the welcome. Indeed there is many things to do and to see. Makes me glad I became citizen :+1: hehe.

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What’s up Ersoto. Welcome to the community. I’ve been to your country and it was awesome, met awesome people there. Let me know when you are on mumble and want to do missions. I like co ops a lot . See you in the verse buddy

Hey there, Thank you for the welcome and i’m in party right now just 'bout to start a co op action.

Love crew gameplay, hit me up anytime. Always trying to put together 3-4 people crews for shenanigans

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I am around and hanging out in game now. Ping me if you hop on. :slight_smile:

I’m having trouble connecting into the game… error 50001 so i’ll just do some more macros on Voice Attack and then since it takes the servers 'bout 3-6 hours to function properly again go to sleep, it’s gonna be midnight in an hour.

Welcome to ADI Ersoto. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to seeing your contribution to ADI take form.

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