Introduction - EpicTriangle

Hey there!

I’m EpicTriangle and i was following the development of Star Citizen for quite some time but it lately got to a point in development that got me really curious in trying it out for myself, so here I am!

I’m 21 years old and currently studying mechanical engineering. I’m really looking forward to some fun times with ADI.
Thanks for reading!


Welcome to ADI. What ship are you enjoying?

Welcome Epic! I did mechanical engineering how are you finding working with all the machines?

Thank you! I’m currently playing with an Aegis Eclipse and its a lot of fun

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It’s really interesting to work with various machines although my field of study and work is more stress analysis and calculations which i enjoy a lot. And thanks everyone for the warm welcome :slight_smile:

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Welcome to ADI EpicTriangle. I’m glad you joined the team. What’s your ship of choice?

Nice, the ship that suits the name. I’ve only flown one a couple of times but it felt cool.

Ah cool so all the UV Dye and ultrasound and scanning of parts?
And all the stress simulations eg whats on Autodesk inventor?

My current daily driver is the Aegis Eclipse but im looking into buying a C2 Hercules

Yes I will be doing that a lot and i really like that. What was your field of work ?

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I did it at college (UK) but then decided i couldnt do it as a job so joined the military instead

Welcome to ADI ! Glad to have you ! Just dont fall behind in school haha.