Introduction - Endrym

I am new. To the game and to you too. So far I enjoy my time in Star Citizen very much I have been playing since sunday 20th of November. I have spent countless hours playing DCS and Elite and decided I wanted to test out Star Citizen. I have to say I am mindblown with the game. I very much enjoy flying FA-18 in DCS and I play usually fox-3 AAMs BVR and some AH-64D here and there.
This made my choice pretty clear I am a bomber pilot in DCS from get go I went straight ahead and got myself Vanguard Harbinger and I love missile gameplay very much.

Well I am being bit dishonest actually I purchased Drake Corsair and then I flew to Eutrepe and with engines on it just flew away in wind so I decided to upgrade to something more … aerodynamic with Aegis ships becoming available I made purchase of Harbinger. Since I was not able to downgrade it to the smaller one. Anyway very happy with the ship.

i am hoping to join security forces and I found out during gameplay that I actually like FPS part too. I am slowly grinding very inefficiently learning how to fly in combat and learning about game every day.

For instance just yesterday I was killed by trying suit of armor in shop. that was an experience to tell.


Welcome to the org, happy to be here onboarding you!

I also purchased the Corsair recently, but I am a bit displeased with the flight model. Funnily enough, I am currently testing out the Harbinger for an upgrade as well.

See you in the verse!


Welcome to ADI. It was great chatting to you during your Onboarding!! If you have any questions just ask any of us!!

Welcome Endrym to ADI and Fleet Security Marines. I am one of the Marine Team Leaders so if you have any questions or need any help please reach out. See you in game!

Welcom Endrym! I am a fleet security marine as well. There are some training ops coming up this weekend check em out!

Hello and welcome to ADI always great to see new pilots join the ranks .

Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to ADI, Endrym. See you in the verse

Welcome to ADI!