Introduction: DramaticEggman

Hello i´m DramaticEggman, different than my name suggests i´m laid back. And i´m looking forward to play with you

Hey there! glad to have you aboard Mr.Eggman. how long have you been adventuring in the star citizen universe?

About four days

welcome drama !

Welcome Aboard Dram, hope to see you in the Org ops. later down the line :slight_smile:

Greetings DramaticEggman!

Looking forward to see you in the verse. What are you interested at doing in SC - little mining, hauling, combat? everything?

See you out there!

Four days and you can probably still fly better than I can :smiley: Welcome to ADI!

I’m interested in combat /action. But I’m struggling with the survival system.

Still glad insurance exists :smiley:

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Welcome to ADI DramaticEggman. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to seeing you in game.

Hey DramaticEggman, welcome to the org. Glad to have you aboard. Make sure to check out our forums and discord and info piloting. We have some certifications you can take part of to improve you pilot skills.

See you in the verse.

Lol, I owned an arrow for a short period, and before flying it for the first time I was rocking around in a freelancer. Understandably they handle a lot differently.
I excitedly took off from port O ready to dominate the whole of the Stanton System. By pure chance some friends on the server were just returning from a 2 hour mole mining trip and had just dropped out of Quantum heading for PO. They planned to sell off their days work. Kindly I offered to escort them in…
Thankfully only I was killed in the head-on collision but their left engine was taken out and their front landing gear was knackered too. They did manage to sell everything though

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