Introduction- DoinkDoink

Hello everyone, the name is DoinkDoink. I love this game but recently got back into it after about a year. I am currently in the Air Force and stationed in England so my hours may not be the same as others. Just looking to have some fun and meet some new people. At the moment I am deployed for another few days but should be back soon. Hope you hang out with everyone in the verse!


Hello and welcome to ADI. There’s many of us on UK and EU timezones so there should be plenty of us around. See you in Mumble!

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Welcome to ADI DoinkDoink, happy to see you finally got a TL to onboard you. Saw you were waiting in the lobby for atleast 2 hours today. Don’t worry about availability, Real life first.

Heck yeah. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing ya.

Welcome to ADI DoinkDoink, and thank you for your service. What do you drive in-game? What division did you choose?