Hello all my name is Tyler most of my friends call me Devil. I’m brand new to the game I was looking for a new game to play and a friend of mine recommended this game so I thought why not give it a shot the combat looks good and I love games that have flight combat in it.


Welcome to ADI @Devil8256! And welcome to the ‘verse in general! Glad to have you here, feel free to ask questions and people will help ya out!

Hi Devil8256 and welcome to ADI.

Be sure to check the Website calendar to see when the next Org Op is. They are really well planned and a very good way to get to know other members of ADI. :slight_smile:

Anyways once again, welcome to the Org and hope to see you in an Op.

Welcome to ADI!
What ship did you get?

Welcome to ADI Devil8256. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to seeing you in game.

Welcome to ADI :smiley:

Im using the anvil arrow and so far im happy with it

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Welcome to ADI, @Devil8256. Have you checked out the 4 self-certs yet? When I was new that we something that definitely helped with the learning curve.

Welcome to Star Citizen and ADI! Hope to meet up with you in the star system soon. Space pew pew is always fun!

Hi @Devil8256, welcome to ADI.
The arrow is great, I’ve a fond memory of finding out the hard way how fast it can go…
See you in Mumble.

Hey there, Devil! Yeah, Llydon’s got good advice - if you hadn’t run into them, these are the basic certs. They’re a quick read and give you the basics of many in-game activities. Today our Mumble server seems to be taken over by New World hype, but hope to get a chance to play SC with you soon.

Hello Devil and welcome to ADI! I look forward to flying with you in game.

Hello Devil or Tyler. Which do you prefer? Welcome to ADI. There are so many new games nowadays its hard to pick. Glad you chose Star Citizen and to fly with us.

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