Hello all, DedNsyde here. It’s a pleasure being apart of this organization and look I look forward to getting to know you guys, or atleast some of you. I am faily new to Star Citizen but can’t wait to see what the game brings in the future.

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Welcome to ADI DedNsyde .
Hope you’ll like it . make sure to check the callendar to see when there are mining operations

Welcome to ADI @DedNsyde !!! Glad you are happy to be a part! I think this last year has been quite exciting for SC, the pace seems to me to be picking up and they seem to be getting closer

Welcome to ADI DedNsyde. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running into you.

Hi DedNsyde and welcome to ADI.

Be sure to check the Website calendar to see when the next Org Op is. They are really well planned and a very good way to get to know other members of ADI. :slight_smile:

Anyways once again, welcome to the Org and hope to see you in an Op.

Welcome to ADI!

Welcome aboard, DNS.

Welcome to ADI DeadNsyde. There are many good people here. I look forward to flying OP’s with ya.

Hey DeadNsyde, welcome aboard ADI! I enjoy working with new players, so feel free to friend me and join my group so we can explore and learn together.

Welcome to Star Citizen and ADI! Hope to see you around the 'verse!

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