Introduction deCool


Good Day

I am here because JayC invited me to join this Organization. After reading throught the website i decided to give it a try. As for me, i am from Germany (near Cologne), 46 years of age. I served my duty and make my living as Truckdriver. As an old Wingcommander Veteran (and of almost any other titel Chris Roberts produced; Wingcommander the Movie wasn`t THAT bad either) i am following Star Citizen since its anouncement. Now, as 3.0 is approaching, the time has come to dig deeper into the Universe.

I often play solotitels (RPG´s or strategy games) but i most often played World of Tanks or World of Battleships recently. In these games i enjoy playing along with friends i have played together since old Navyfield Days. I am used to be in international teams and i am looking forward to make new contacts all over the world.

See you in the Verse!



Hey Sharpeye,

Glad to have you on board. Although I may not be in the venerable 40s yet, it’s great to see a seasoned Wing Commander veteran come on board. Looking forward to running ops with you in Star Citizen!

For solo titles, most recently I really enjoyed Deus Ex: Human Revolution but I’m struggling to keep my interest in the sequel, Mankind Divided. Have you done either of those? I remember the real old Deus Ex game (early 2000s I believe), was a great one as well!



Hello Sharpeye,

Welcome to ADI! That’s awesome you played the old Wing Commander games. I remember playing that too at my cousin’s house, and, of course, the Wing Commander movie. Chris Roberts does a lot of good producing, SC is looking to be a promising game. We’re all waiting for more content and the final release–please join us on mumble while we play other games, hang out, and get to know each other. All the best


Hi Sharpeye,

welcome to ADI. One or two members more and we can form a german subdevision :smiley:

There are a lot of german people here in the org, some attended the GamesCom and the StarCitizen Event as well in Cologne last week

hope so see you soon und beste grüße nach Kölle




I never got the hang on Deux Ex (or other stealthshooters) but i got my fair share in Counterstrike back in the days. More recently The Division. I never was the best shooterplayer but i did play many over the years. LAN Partys with Alien vs Predator! Good old times…


greetings back from Cologne! Good to hear there are more germans but me here. I was on Gamescon on Wednesday and first stop, of course was Star Citizen. Got some nice stuff there (and a lot more from other developers) and a preview of things to come. It looked great!


yeah, we have a lot of german speaking people, not only from germany, some from austria, some from switzerland and even some guys from Hesse or Bavaria

oh, as you mentioned the good old lan party time, that was cool time… tried to set up everything on the first day, fixed problems on second half day and played two or three hours, before the first pc got problems with his network. BNC based networks back in the 90’s was so bad…


AVP! Such a good game. The original, haven’t given the remake a shot. I always preferred playing the Alien, and probably another reason why space games attract me, I’m okay with gravity not needing to be ‘down’.


Welcome Sharpeye!

Glad to have you on the team! Very interesting profile - it’s great to see what a diverse group of people we have playing this game on all corners of the world. I’m positive you’ll fit right in. What are you interested in doing in the verse once the game is more fleshed out?

See you in the verse!



Welcome to the family!


@ menatti:

I think i will be going into exploration/cargo hauling. I like to see new things. The fighting i leave to younger ones with faster PC`s and refelexes :wink:


Hi Sharpeye! I was a big WOT player until I got a couple tier 9’s and couldn’t keep up with operating costs. Heck of a game though. Welcome to ADI I’m sure you’ll fit in great here!


welcome to the org - i joined this org because of its multi-national appeal and its good to see some more europeans join - i’m from the UK. Look forward to flying with you soon.


Just saying hallo. I am still around and following ADI. I go into the `verse from time to time and Keep my eyes on how SC is developing. Man, it Looks great and promising!

Now, with 3.4.3 live and stable and a new PC on my desk it has become playable! In not too far a future i think i will begin some official ADI Training :wink:

My Hangar changed quite a bit since the last time and now includes a Cutlass Black, an Avenger Titan, a i100 (due to be upgraded at some Point) and a GREYCAT!

Cya around the `verse!


Good to hear from you! Let us know when you can actually complete the application process please.


Hey deCool/Sharpeye,

I see you changed you name at some point. Also you English has improved. Wait are we sure this is the same guy. Anyhow I’m glad to see you are still with us. I’m look forward to hanging out with you when this game gets serious or we get serious about it.



Back when i was accepted into ADI i had to change my Nickname into the one i used in Star Citizen. My english has improved? I do not know how, but thank you :wink:


Welcome to ADI =D, see you in the verse