Introduction Dcyril

hello everyone,
I’m playing for few months now and I was thinking to join an organization. I’m base in Thailand but i’m french and hope to flight with many of you in the future.

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Welcome to ADI, Dcyril! I appreciate you hanging with me during your onboarding. I am glad you decided to settle down with us. I think you will enjoy playing with us. Looking forward to seeing you around.

Welcome to ADI Dcyril. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running ops with you.

Hello Dcyrill and welcome to ADI! Go ahead and get your onboarding done and become a member of ADI! We have lot to offer you and let us know if you have any questions! See you in the Verse!

Welcome to ADI Dcyril, glad to have you! I feel you made the right call seeking out an org for Star Citizen, It’s a huge game that really benefits from large groups to coordinate with. So thanks for choosing ADI! I look forward to flying with you around the verse!

Welcome aboard Dcyril. Good to have you with us.

Hi Dcyril, Welcome to ADI. Hope to see you flying in the verse.

Welcome Dycril, you found a great place to call home. See you out there!

Dcyril, welcome to ADI. Playing with an organized and dedicated group is the best way to learn the game and to get the most out our it. So, great choice in joining ADI. I look forward to flying with you soon. Bonne chance et bienvenue!

Salut, Dcyril … well, let me wave back from central europe then. Welcome at ADI and have a fine time here.

Welcome to ADI Dcyril, the verse is a much friendlier place with this crowd around you =). Hope to see you in mumble and the verse soon.

Greetings Dcyril and welcome to ADI. we all look forward to flight time with you, hope to see you out there.

Welcome Dcyril to the ADI Portal, make sure to review the Joining link about onboarding and becoming a member.