Introduction Dawnseeker


Hello ADI :wave:

I’m a relatively new backer who joined Star Citizen during the CitizenCon 2948 event. But it didn’t take me long to realise that it’s a very good idea to join a large established organisation, so here I am :grin:

I’ve already joined on the RSI page and obviously have a forum account, but I’m just waiting for a friend to return from a long period away at work before we both complete the onboarding process together and become full members. I’m unable to use VoIP so it’s better to do it together at the same time. We’re both hoping to join the Mission Support Services division, I have an interest in transport and search & rescue gameplay, my two main ships are the C2 Hercules and the Apollo Triage.

Anyway, not long until I’m a full member, looking forward to it all :grin:

See you soon!




Welcome to ADI, Dawnseeker!
I am glad you choose us as your fellow comrades.
No need to hope, feel free to join the Division that fits most to you. I know MSS is always looking forward to new members.

I thinking about getting the Apollo Medivac so I really look forward to testing the Apollo Flightmodul before Pledge gives me the opportunity to fulfil my wish.
Maybe I can catch you for your onboarding.

See you in the Verse!

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Thanks Bannuk :smile:

As soon as the ship goes flight ready you’ll be able to try mine out before you decide to pledge for yours :wink:



Welcome to ADI. I have a Hercules and am a big fan of those ship’s. Looking forward to flying with you

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Thanks Valmont :smile:

They’re great looking ships, kind of remind me of a big bird like a swan or albatross. Which variant do you have?



I snagged myself the A2. It being described as the C-130 of Star Citizen really grabbed attention. I’m a huge crusader fan too

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Awesome! Dropping bombs left-right-and-centre :joy:
Yeah, Crusader and Origin are my favourite brands in the game. I like sleek futuristic looking ships.



Welcome Dawnseeker! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, looking forward to having you and your friend Onboarded, you picked the right org to call home. I am looking forward to the medical gameplay myself and have the Cutlass Red and will have the Apollo Triage and Endeavor hospital module by end of this year. Love my C2 as well and any Crusader ship design for that matter (have the Mercury Star Runner too). Looking forward to seeing you in the Verse!

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Thanks Fiyero :smile:

Sounds like you’re set for the same gameplay I’m interested in. Maybe I’ll be rushing casualties to your Endeavor at some point :wink:



Nice! Origin has some classy ship’s. I like their 85x because it feels like a little convertible. This is my lineup so far (minus the carrack and Banu defender). I also have a Reliant Sen and Hornet Heartseeker not shown.

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Hello Dawn, welcome to ADI. Please make sure you and your friend complete the onboarding process to become full members of ADI because we will surely leave the Welcoming Mat and the light on for both you. Thank you for choosing ADI as your Star Citizen home. It’s always nice to know that we have another Doctor on our outstanding team to heal us Jarheads. I will officially welcome you aboard as members when you do. See you two soon!

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Thanks Teufelhunden :smile:

Not long now, I think he’s due back on the 9th. Looking forward to it :+1:
His name is Rovaxx by the way, if you want to contact him too.



Welcome to ADI Dawnseeker :slight_smile:

Nice to have you with us.

See you in the Verse!

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Thanks Lacoste, you too :smile:



Oh, you’re with Rovaxx? We’d chatted a little on Spectrum… Well, welcome to you as well, and I look forward to seeing you both in the 'Verse!

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Hey Dawnseeker, welcome to ADI. I am also interested in the passenger transport career. I hope to see you in the verse

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Thanks motomataru, yeah he said he’d check you out beforehand and explain our predicament. He’s a great guy :+1:

Hey Cobra, maybe we’ll get to work together at some point :smile:

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Hi Dawnseeker, Welcome to ADI. I hope to be flying with you in the verse soon.

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Hey Dawnseeker. Welcome to ADI. Glad to have you with us.

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Hi Dawnseeker! Welcome aboard! This is a great org. Hope to fly with you in the 'Verse!

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