Introduction: CT7567

My name Rex, I read up that this faction is primarily prior service, which as an USAF veteran and ex-firefighter that seems to fit my tastes. Little basic rundown for me is I’m a hammerhead pilot and probably would need a crew to properly do bounties and other merc contracts.

Hi Rex, I’m new too. Might be on later this evening.

I use HH to steam roll claimjumpers. Always down for some HH fun. Welcome aboard

Hello Rex!
Ever try ramming those silly prospectors =P?

Welcome to ADI Rex! Glad to see another Veteran join the team. HH with a crew is a beast, let me know if you ever need another gunner :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI rex! I would be glad to hop onboard your hammerhead to help you out with some merc contracts. see you in the verse!

Welcome to the community. You’re gonna have a blast here with us.
Did you say you have a hammerhead? You might just be my new best friend. I’d love to do crew missions together. Hit me up whenever you’re up and running on Mumble!

Hi Rex and welcome!! There’s always a bunch of folks on in Mumble that’s be down to man some turrets! See you out there.

CMDR_REX, welcome to ADI! There are many military veterans in the org, and some people who think they are space veterans now :wink: The hammerhead is a good way to introduce yourself to the bad guys, and I am sure we will fill it up.

Welcome to the Org Rex and congratulations on the Hammerhead its a fine ship! If you need a hand just yell and someone’ll be 'round the place to crew up most likely.

Welcome to ADI Captain Rex, and thank you for your service. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running ops with you.

Hey Rex, welcome aboard, we’ve met in game already. Hammerhead power!

Hey rex welcome to adi

Welcome aboard Rex. Look forward to flying with you soon. People are always looking out multicrew opportunities. Check out box flying, and our marine cert programs. Doing things with others is always more fun.

Welcome to ADI Rex! Speaking of Rex, did you see the Clone Wars ending!? Tear jerker :sob:

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