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I am Cryten Jones, CJ for short and I am looking for a friendly group to join and enjoy the 'verse after many years just lurking and watching the development. I have been a backer for many years, I think I started paying my Citizen tax back when the first packages became available and have dipped in from time to time so I am not a total novice.

I got jumped by two guys camping a farm today, started attacking when I was just powering down! As I limped for orbit after I managed to fight my way free (no idea how I did!) with the Cutty belching black plumes and shaking like an unbalanced wheel I thought to myself that maybe it was time I found a team of my own!

My fleet consists of a Cutlass Black, Constellation Andromeda, Some Rover I can’t recall and a Prospector. Plus whatever they gave us this month naturally :slight_smile:

For those that are interested I am a mid to late forties bloke from the UK, I have 4 kids (2 still at home) and I am still as keen a gamer as I ever have been. Started on Elite on the BBC B back in the mid 80’s and have always been drawn to games like this. From all the various incarnations of Elite, Wing Commander, Privateer, Freelancer and on and on. Probably the longest game life I have had over the years was my 14 year stint in EVE online where I had a day one account and played basically every day give or take for that whole time. In fact it very nearly ruined any other games for me because of the sheer depth it provided.

I look forward to meeting you all on Mumble and getting to know the ropes of your organisation, See you out there!

p.s. - Will be on the Mumble when I get the kids to bed in a bid :smiley:



Great to see you aboard!! what type of game play are you seeking to follow?

See you in mumble or in the verse… or both!!

Hey! Nice to meet you…

So that’s a interesting question isn’t it given the limited options in the current Alpha. However I think that the sort of Salvage / Manufacturing / Base management (Logistics etc) kind of things will be my ultimate targets assuming we get full release before my hands stop working :slight_smile:

I would also be quite happy with FPS stuff, though I am by no means the twitch shot I was back in my BF2 days… Or maybe turret gunner. Don’t mind mining either, I mean in this game it’s quite an active job really!

Bottom line is I don’t care all that much as long as there is a goal, a point to that goal and I can fell like I can achieve that goal.

I can say that I am not interested in blowing peoples stuff up because I can or because it ruins someone’s play time. That play style I do not understand or enjoy! Understand, I am fine with PvP but not just destroying peoples precious time because I enjoy the salty tears.


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I fully agree with the blowing stuff up for just the salt mine it generates. Am also am in the like mind of moving in a direction to achieve a goal that is attainable. I am sure you will make a good fit.

Welcome to the Org! Happy to have your pre OB done and be at your onboading.
Yepp, most of the stuff you are aiming at is yet to be implemented, but the rest is qite fun too.
Was waching an self interviw with a known griefer couplle of houers ago, looks like the guy genuenlley belives that his efforts are making life of others more interesting and exiting. I think grieving outside arena commander should be severley punished and restricted to frendly PvP. Instead, the cargo runners might soon find themselves in need of escorts and turret gunners. Btw congrats on the 4 kids.

Welcome to ADI CJ!
Star citizen was made to never be n the verse alone, and there are a lot of people here that would make sure to always have your back. feel free to add me and I will see you in the verse!

Welcome Cryten to ADI. Was a pleasure to onboard you and get some bunkers in with you. Plus, good to have another brit here. Any questions you have please feel free to reach out to any of us. We are all here to help.

Welcome to ADI. I’m UK also, see you in Mumble

hey @CrytenJones
welcome to ADI
any missions you prefer in game? how about some bunker missions and fps combat?
looking forward to meeting you in the verse