Introduction - Covak


I’m Covak and been playing SC for about four months and loving it (and it’s potential).
During this time I’ve been with another org. but I’m not 100% happy. After a bit of research I chose to apply to Atlas.

IRL I’m 38, live in the middle of Sweden and have two sons, 6 months and 2 years :slight_smile:
I work as a teacher in physics and mathematics.

See you in the Verse /Covak


Welcome Aboard and see ya in the verse

Hi Covak, welcome to ADI! What are you looking forward to as the game develops?

Welcome to ADI @Covak! Glad you decided to make the switch, what kind of citizen in the verse are you?

Don’t know, I find so many things interesting :smiley:

Done Prospector mining for cash mostly so far… Love pouring a whisky, listening to mr Cash and doing some mining.

But tried and liked most things except hauling, just haven’t hade the time for it yet.

EDIT: Mostly looking forward to when things matter more and have deeper consequences…
EDIT #2: Above in combination with game stability :smiley:


One of my favorite Hockey players ever is Swedish (Henrik Zetterberg). I hope that you have a great time in the org. Welcome to ADI.

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Welcome to ADI Covak. I’m glad you shopped around and chose ADI. I look forward to your participation to ADI’s mass org ops. They are what I live for in the game. See you around. M

Welcome to ADI @Covak!

Glad to have you in the Org. Hope to travel with you in the 'verse.

Welcome to ADI! Between your work and family life I get you are a busy man :slight_smile: And the potential for this game is incredible. And over the next year we should be seeing lots of big things coming out, exciting times to be a citizen :slight_smile: See you in the verse!

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Yes kids are… Intense… but been getting a few nights a week for SC - will definitely invest time (and money :wink: in the game.

Welcome to ADI @Covak!

Glad to have you onboard and that you are enjoying SC.

The joys of parenthood, especially love it when they start fighting right as I press push to talk.

Physics and Math… man you must get really frustrated with the physics in games heh.
Welcome to the org. :stuck_out_tongue:

haha ye see what you mean… no gravity in space for example, should be fairly straightforward to implement but probably leads to a bunch of issues tbh.

Welcome to ADI, @Covak. I had the same experience elsewhere before I joined ADI. Complete 180 here. Jump in with both feet and enjoy the ride. We are building something here that will take full advantage of the future game.

Welcome Covid! I mean Covak! I’m sure you’ve heard that one these past few months. See you in the Verse. I’m brand new (about 1 week) so don’t fly too close. Cheers

Haha actually no one pointed that out before… But now I see it Covak-20 maybe?

Welcome Covak. Glad you were able to find us as a replacement org. Let us know if you have any questions.

Ah the drag in space that keeps you from constantly moving is explained in two ways!
One, the shields create drag due to how they work (funky space magic, probably something to do with dragging against reality or w/e). And two, the ships will automatically slow down to a stop unless you have decoupled flight turned on.

Gravity in ships is explained to be special (space magic) panels in the floor that pull you down. :wink:

It’d be neat for them to release a super cheap ship that doesn’t have the grav panels in it.

Hello welcome the the best org on the market