Introduction: Courion


Looking forward to working with you! I got a reclaimer and Orion I’d be happy to have you crew on! See you in the verse!


Welcome Michael to ADI, glad to have you wish us and i see you in the verse =D


Welcome Courion,

I work with Mission Support Services and I do a bit of exploration and combat pilot stuff. I hope they improve mining a bit, it frustrated me when the good rocks spawned underground. It’s still an alpha thought so I got a feeling they will fix those problem before long. I’ll see you out there.



Welcome to ADI Courion. Your intro made my laugh out loud for real. You and your enthusiasm are most appreciated. I look forward to running ops with you.


Welcome @Courion! I’m pretty new here but I’ve already had a great time teaming up with members. Everyone has been quick to help me learn. Also looking forward to salvage, repair and other support services. See you in the black! :rocket:


Welcome aboard @Courion. Sounds like you’ll love our Mining and Salvage division.


Always good to have a mechanically inclined pilot along for a flight in the event of the unforeseen breakdowns and hangups lol welcome to Atlas Courion.