Introduction CobaltDragonHalo

Looking forward to meeting you folks in the verse. I have been playing star citizen since January 2016.

Welcome to ADI! It’s good to have a long time player in the ranks. We have many people doing pretty much every loop in the game so you won’t have trouble finding a team to fly (or shoot or mine) with. Exciting to see more movement in development and we can experience things to come together. Looking forward to meeting in the ‘verse!

Howdy @CobaltDragonHalo welcome to ADI

Welcome to ADI! Glad to have you aboard! Sounds like you’ll be a great addition with your experience. If you need any help with anything please don’t hesitate to ask. Looking forward to flying with you in the Verse!

Welcome to the Org! We have many groups doing all the different loops in the game right now so I am sure you will find plenty of people to run with. Looking forward to seeing you in the Verse!

Howdy and glad to have you with ADI and look forward to seeing you in game!

Welcome! I’m always glad to see someone who has a long, rich history with the game. I hope you feel as at home here with ADI as I did when I first joined!

Welcome, Welcome! Hope to see you around the verse.

Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to ADI @cobaltdragonhalo!! See you in the verse!!

Welcome! It’s good to see longtime backers getting ready for the hopefully huge influx of experiences we have coming with all the new tech! See you in game!

Hello CobaltDragonHalo and welcome to ADI!