Introduction - cl0secall


Hi, I’m cl0secall. I am new to Star Citizen but have several friends who play, many who are already ADI members. I look forward to spending some time in the 'verse.


Welcome to ADI, Cl0secall. It’s a great time to be in SC as the 3.5 patch has a whole new world of flight model, new missions and more places to stretch your spacecraft wings. ADI is a great way to learn the game and have a great time while doing so. Look forward to flying with you soon.,


Welcome to our ranks cl0secall! and welcome to Star Citizen, hope to see you in the verse!


Heya cl0secall, glad you decided to join. I figured it was gonna happen sooner than later. Let us know if you need any help.


Greetings and welcome aboard here at ADI cl0secall! Glad to have you here and I’m looking forward to soon flying with you here in the 'verse!


Hi cl0secall, Welcome to ADI and Star Citizen. Glad to have you with us. Hope to be flying with you in the verse soon.


Welcome Closecall! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home and will settle in nicely. What ships are you currently flying and area of gameplay that interests you the most? Looking forward to flying with you in the Verse.


Welcome Cl0secall to ADI good to see you already have friends here and you are gonna make alot more here the more the merrier :smiley: See you in the verse!



Howdy and welcome to the org!
if you need anything or have questions shoot us a message in discord.
See you in the verse!


Welcome aboard cl0secall. ADI is a good place to be with lot’s of folks playing and pushing the boundaries of the alpha. Looking forward to flying with you in the 'verse. o7


Welcome to ADI, Cl0secall! I hope you will find everything you are looking for, in ADI! Be sure to reach out to our members and staff for any questions you may have. See you in game!


Pleasure to meet you cl0se, see you in the verse.


What is going on cl0secall? It was a pleasure to participate in your onboarding


Welcome to ADI cl0secall. ADI is a great org for players starting out. You’ve joined us at an especially good time in the game’s development. See you in the mass ops.


Welcome aboard Cl0secall! Great to hear you already have friends in ADI. The more the merrier! Glad to have you with us.


Welcome to ADI, glad you already have friends with us Closecall! Be prepared to make at least a few more!


Welcome aboard to ADI Closecall! And like Nilen stated, be prepared to make new friends while having lots of fun! What Division do you want to go into? And what ship(s) do you like?! Hope to see you in the Verse shortly!


Welcome close to ADI, cant wait till i see you in the verse


Welcome aboard to Atlas and to Star Citizen Close, happy flyin.