Introduction - CircuitBreaker

Hey there,

Been following Star Citizen for a long time, and now that things are starting to come together am looking for an organized and active group to spend my spare time with.

At about the same time I started following Star Citizen I have gone to college to fly helicopters, joined the Marine Corps, and am currently in Naval Flight Training. I personally won’t be able to be very active in game due to training, but I would like to be a part of an active community so when I do take a mental break there are some like minded individuals out there to hang with.

I have some experience with various flight sims, DCS, ARMA, etc. Right now, I am using the Irissimulations T6B for FSX on the side for some supplemental at home training.

Looking forward to potentially getting to fly with some of you.

Hi CircuitBreaker,

Welcome to ADI, It sounds like we should be a good fit for you. We usually have a group playing in the PU almost every night. Im pretty sure we have people in various flight sims and ARMA on occasion, though I dont play myself. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Hope to talk to you soon.

P.S. Thank you for your service

Welcome to ADI CircuitBreaker! However much you are able to play I hope you find this a great group to spend your time with. See you around.

Hey Circuit-breaker, welcome to the team. Plenty of talk both voice and text going around. We are happy to have you however you can hang.

Welcome to ADI CircuitBreaker, if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Welcome to ADI, CircuitBreaker! I feel like we must be advertising with helo pilots because you are about the third one to join the org within the last couple of weeks. The org is also full of current and former military. We are always happy to have someone with your experience gaming and IRL join the ranks. Looking forward to picking up a thing or two flying alongside you. Hopefully, we can get you onboarded and connected soon. See you around!

Howdy CircuitBreaker, and welcome to ADI. Nice chatting with you yesterday. Hopefully we can get you in to Public today, show you around, introduce you to the crew, and convince you and your wife to join our merry band of misfits. Looking forward to seeing you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI, thank you for your service sir, cant wait till we see you in the verse :smiley: