Introduction - Caspor329

Hello ADI!

Hoping to join your ranks and explore the verse with everyone. I’ve been playing for video games for many many years (mostly mil-sim and flight sim) and looking forward to bring that passion to SC.

I have a family so life definitely comes first in my world, but all the more reason to have a quality org to spend time with. Looking forward to exploring and mining, but can help out where needed.

p.s. I’ve been a recruit for ADI since 2016 but I needed SC to become a little more complete.



Welcome Caspor!!! It’s getting more and more complete every patch. Look forward to see ya in game!

Welcome back to ADI Caspor. Good time to come back with some new features in game. Come join us on mumble for some group play.

Thanks for the welcome. Looking forward to logging time with everyone. I’ll be on this weekend if not sooner.

Glad to have another simmer here. See you online soon. Cheers!

Welcome back. See you in Mumble

Welcome back aboard! ADI is definitely one of the best structured orgs I’ve found in the verse. As an avid simmer do you use any added peripherals? This game becomes incredibly immersive and I find myself favoring the pilot seat, but there’s so much to do in SC it can be hard to choose.

Welcome to ADI - If you need protection running Cargo, come check out Private Contract Services.

/ Crue (PCS Division Director)

Currently using the Saitek x-56 stick hotas and it works alright. I also have the honeycomb yoke/throttle set up, but it doesn’t translate to SC very well. Curious what everyone favors for their set up? I dogfight occasionally, but mostly spend my time in Prospector or trying to find something to do in the Carrack.

I’ll jump on mumble shortly…I have visitors that are cutting into my priorities.