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Hello, everyone!

I have been playing Star Citizen on and off (I joined during 3.9), and have been enjoying it a lot so far. I am excited to interact with everyone!

I did a little bit of trading when I first started (I didn’t know trading was broken at that time), and recently I have been mining with the ROC and attempting to improve my combat skills!

Welcome to ADI @BronzeFox!

I had trouble trying to trade as well, you can get it to work but it is a bit of a gamble at times.

What kind of combat are you into?

Hi Bronze, welcome to ADI. I might see you on line over the weekend.

Thank you!

I have only done PVE bounty hunting in solo ships, so everything else is new!

Yeah, there’s a lot of risk, but big rewards. last time I tried it I ended up losing most of the money I made…

Thanks! Looking forward to it!

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Welcome @BronzeFox!

I’ve been trying ROC mining an sometimes it is great other times your ship will vanish. Oh well it’s not bugs, it’s features LOL. Hope to travel with you in the 'verse.

Howdy there!

So trading and mining seem to be your favorite things then? What is your favorite ship so far?

Welcome to the org!

Welcome to ADI BronzeFox. I’m glad you joined the team.

Welcome to ADI, @BronzeFox. I love ROC mining to be honest, very relaxing. I’ve heard there are some bugs right now. Have you seen any?

Hi BrownFox, Welcome to ADI! I am thinking about getting the ROC. Do you like it?

I do a lot of PVE Bounty missions and some PVP ones when they are not hiding in GrimHex or across the solar system, not as much credits as other methods but I find it fun and is enough for what I use the credits for.

If you are up for it we can pair up and have a go at some PVP bounties.

I’ve never had my ship vanish! I had a weird glitch when The ROC flew into the air and then slowly sank into the planet, though! Haha

Yeah, honestly though combat seems fun as well! I am interesting in salvaging and exploration, but we have to wait to try those! Haha

I haven’t tried too many, but I really like the cutlass(it’s great for the ROC). I haven’t tried a lot of the more specialized ships yet, but I hope I can soon!

I haven’t tried it in 3.11 yet to be honest, I heard that ROCs are prime targets for the PVP event haha.

Up until 3.10, the worst issues I found were:

  1. Accidentally flipping the ROC over :frowning:
  2. Getting the ROC stuck in your ship if you go in too fast or have the mining arm extended

Honesty I have never tried any mining ships, so I can only compare FPS mining and the ROC.

All in all I really enjoy it. Sometimes I wish it was easier to get in and out of the ship to mine(you have to open the doors, get in your ROC, and then drive out).
You also need to worry about external temperatures if you are on a hot/cold moon.

With the new inventory mechanic, I think you are kind of a sitting duck in the ROC, since you are defenseless and can now have your haul stolen. It may just make solo mining a little riskier.

I’m thinking of renting a prospector to try out that type of mining. I know you can get more money with the ROC, but it seems like a good idea to try them all out!

Yeah, at this stage, I think experimenting and doing something fun is key! I think it will be more lucrative in the future.

That sounds great! I’d love to try some pvp. I imagine it’s a lot different from pve!

Depends a lot on the adversary, there are some great pilots out there and a lot of not so great. At the moment with the Vanduul mask event there are a lot of green pilots out there having a go, which is great! I hope once the event is over they still come out to play once in a while.

My loop at the moment is PVP then PVE Bounties then loitering around Grim Hex until someone has a go. =)

I will look for you when I am next in game.

Yeah, seems like a great time to try it out!

I will probably be one of those green pilots, but it sounds fun!

Looking forward to it!

Welcome to ADI! I’m glad you are enjoying yourself so far, and that you are looking forward to all the new stuff coming down the line. If you haven’t had a chance yet, make sure to check out the certifications that are available. Some good tips in there for general play. Also, when you have time, sign up for some ops and dive into the deep end :slight_smile: You will meet many of our members and have a fantastic time on those. See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI BronzeFox. I hope you find what you are looking for here and i look forward to seeing you in the verse. Don’t forget to check the forums and SIGN UP for any org ops and training that interests you.

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