Introduction - BPro80

Hello, my name is Ben, I have played all of the original WC games, and loved them. When I found out this was a sequel of sorts I was immediately interested. My friend just joined up with your organization recently and let me know this was the place to go to play with good people. I like to game when I can. I would def like to join a group of people that have fun, but realize life is important too.


Hello Ben (BPro80). Welcome to ADI! Can’t wait to do some ops together!

howdy Ben and welcome!!! what ships are you flying and what are you interested in?

Welcome man, see you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI

Currently I just have the Aurora. I am interested in honestly trying everything and seeing where I will fit in.


just your luck starting next friday the IAE is happening where you have the opportunity to try out almost every ship in the game that is flyable right now

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Yea, you’ve got a great opportunity to try out all the ships starting on the 18th with IAE 2952!

Yaaaaasaaaaaaaaaasssss you made it! Join Fleet security and be an amazing dropship pilots for me.

Hello Ben and welcome to the org.