Introduction - Bladesedge

Hello everyone, I’m a prospective new member of ADI looking for a change of scenery and a new home. I’m a hard-working, part time Computer Science College Student, work two jobs, and have been a gamer since I could walk. Probably before. I’m pretty straight forward, and that’s me. Hope to meet you all soon!

Heya Blade.

It’s been awesome meeting you in Ark and we look forward to hanging with you more!

Hello Bladesedge,

Welcome to ADI.

Feel free to ask us in discord or mumble if you have any questions about the org or if you need help.
I hope you get a good start. We will meet us while hanging around.

Hey there Blade, welcome to the supported games side of ADI - its great to see you joining us.

While I dont play Ark myself, I know that there is a great group of people here that do - I definitely think you found a great community.

If you see any of us playing other games that interest you, dont hesitate to hop in and join.

Other than that, welcome again and I look forward to seeing you around.

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Bladesedge!

Definitely come check out Star Citizen, we will pull you over here eventually I am sure.

Welcome aboard.